2006 San José mayoral election

The municipal elections of the canton of San José, capital of Costa Rica, of 2006 were held on December 3 of that year. This process was the second occasion in the modern history of the country where elections were held for the election of the capital's mayor.[1] San José, besides being the capital of the country, is the most populated canton.

2006 San José mayoral election

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  Boda Johnny Araya & Sandra León (9226446584) (cropped).jpg No image.png
Candidate Johnny Araya Monge Arturo Robles Arias
Popular vote 18061 5013
Percentage 68% 14%

San Jose results 2002-2006-2010.png
In green districts won by Araya

Mayor before election

Johnny Araya Monge

Elected Mayor

Johnny Araya Monge

The incumbent Mayor Johnny Araya Monge of the National Liberation Party (PLN) opted for reelection. His main rival was doctor Arturo Robles Arias of the Citizen Action Party (PAC), a political group that in the canton had obtained the majority of votes for his presidential ballot in the previous presidential elections held in February 2006, which were very polarized among the PLN and PAC candidates. Araya won with 68% of the votes.[2]

The PLN also obtained all the disputed syndics of the districts of San Jose and the majority of councilors in the District Councils, even though the PAC obtained representation of councilors in all the districts.[3]


San José mayoral election, 3 December 2006[4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Liberation Party Johnny Araya Monge 18061 68   32
Citizens' Action Party Arturo Robles Arias 6,134 17   9
San José Alliance Luis Marino Castillo López 1,309 5   5
Libertarian Movement Antonio Alexandre García 894 3 -
Costa Rican Renewal Party Ligia Paniagua Obando 384 1 New
Of the People and For the People Party José Francisco Herrera Umaña 378 1 New
National Integration Party José Francisco Herrera Umaña 145 0.1 New


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