2002 San José mayoral election

The mayoral election of San José of 2002 were the first democratic elections of the modern era to choose the newly created figure of Mayor and two deputy mayors (following the reform to the Municipal Code made in 1998), of the municipality of San José, capital of Costa Rica as with other municipalities. Syndics and District Councilmen were also elected for each of the canton's districts.

2002 San José mayoral election

1 December 2002 2006 →
  Boda Johnny Araya & Sandra León (9226446584) (cropped).jpg No image.png
Candidate Johnny Araya Monge Luis Marino Castillo López
Popular vote 12 998 6134
Percentage 36% 17%

San Jose results 2002-2006-2010.png
In green districts won by Araya

Mayor before election

Johnny Araya Monge (interim)

Elected Mayor

Johnny Araya Monge

The winner was then the Municipal Executive of San José (until then appointed by the City Council of San José) Johnny Araya Monge of the National Liberation Party with 36% of the votes.[1] Other candidates were Fernando Zumbado of San José Alliance, Luis Marino Castillo of the Social Christian Unity Party and Benjamín Odio of the Citizen Action Party.[2]


San José mayoral election, 1 December 2002[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Liberation Party Johnny Araya Monge 12,998 36 New
Social Christian Unity Party Luis Marino Castillo López 6,134 17 New
Alliance to Advance Jorge Luis Vargas Espinoza 5,962 16 New
San José Alliance Fernando Eduardo Zumbado Jiménez 4,939 13 New
Citizens' Action Party Benjamín Odio Chan 3,534 9 New
Libertarian Movement Douglas Altamirano Quesada 1,338 3 New
We Are All San José Walter Sancho Gómez 981 2 New
Independent Worker's Party Kismeth Cubero Moya 69 1 New


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