Mayor of San José, Costa Rica

The Mayor of San José is the general administrator and legal representative of the Municipality of San José, the capital of the Republic of Costa Rica and the largest and most populated municipality in the country. The position officially exists since the municipal reform of 1998 as part of the bipartisan agreements of the Figueres-Calderón Pact.[1][2] Before this the municipalities were administered by a figure similar to a general manager appointed by the Municipal Council and called Municipal Executive, but after the reform this figure disappears replaced by the popularly elected mayor.[1][3][4]

Mayor of San José
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ResidenceMunicipal Building José Figueres Ferrer
Term lengthFour years
Constituting instrumentMunicipal Code of Costa Rica
First holderJohnny Araya Monge
WebsiteMayor's Office

The longest serving person in the office has been Johnny Araya Monge of the National Liberation Party, who was previously municipal executive for several consecutive periods and who has served for more than 22 years (if the time he was a municipal executive) is included.[1]


Municipal ExecutivesEdit

# Name Term Party Notes
- Matilde Marín Chinchilla 1970-1971 National Liberation Party Governor of San José Province, assumed office in surchage after the 1998 Municipal Code reform is enacted, resigned in 1971.[1]
1 Vidal Quirós Berrocal 1971-1972 National Liberation Party
2 Matilde Marín Chinchilla 1972-1973 National Liberation Party
- Roberto Mora Gagini 1973-1974 National Liberation Party Named by Municipal Council to finish Marín's term.[1]
3 Johnny Ramírez Azofeifa 1974-1978 National Liberation Party
4 Rolando Araya Monge 1978-1980 National Liberation Party Brother of Johnny Araya. Resignes to the office to occupy a ministerial portfolio in his uncle's administration.[1]
5 Johnny Ramírez Azofeifa 1980-1985 National Liberation Party Substitutes Araya, resigns in 1985 to be deputy.[1]
6 Victorino Venegas Sibaja 1985-1990 National Liberation Party
7 Omar Rojas Donato 1990-1991 National Liberation Party Destituted by the Council, replaced by Johnny Araya.[1]
8 Johnny Araya Monge 1991-1998 National Liberation Party


# Name Term Party Notes
1 Johnny Araya Monge 1998-2013 National Liberation Party First democratically elected mayor. Consecutively re-elected in the 2002, 2006 and 2010 elections. Resigns in 2013 to be unsuccessfully presidential candidate for the 2014 Costa Rican general election.[1]
- Sandra García Pérez 2013-2016 National Liberation Party Vice-mayor, substitutes Araya.[1]
1 Johnny Araya Monge 2016-2020 San José Alliance Party Re-elected in 2016.
1 Johnny Araya Monge 2020- National Liberation Party Re-elected in 2020.

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