2006 FIFA World Cup qualification – UEFA Second Round

The 2006 FIFA World Cup European Qualification Playoffs were a set of home-and-away playoffs to decide the final three places granted to national football teams from European nations (more precisely, UEFA members) for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

By the rules of the UEFA qualifying tournament, the first-place finishers in each of eight groups received automatic berths, along with the two second-place teams that had earned the most points against teams in the top six of their individual groups.

The six remaining second-place teams were divided into two pots based on their standings in the September 2005 FIFA World Rankings. The division was:

Pot 1 (seeded)
Team Rank
 Czech Republic 4
 Spain 8
 Turkey 12
Pot 2 (unseeded)
Team Rank
 Norway 37
  Switzerland 38
 Slovakia 45

A draw was held on 14 October 2005 at FIFA headquarters in Zürich to pair each team from Pot 1 with a team from Pot 2. A second draw at the same time and location determined the order of the fixtures.

The playoffs were decided by the standard FIFA method of aggregate score, with away goals and, if necessary, extra time with the possibility of a penalty shootout at the end of the second leg. The winner of each playoff was awarded a place in the 2006 FIFA World Cup.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Spain   6–2   Slovakia 5–1 1–1
Switzerland    4–4 (a)   Turkey 2–0 2–4
Norway   0–2   Czech Republic 0–1 0–1

First legEdit

Norway  0–1  Czech Republic
Report Šmicer   31'
Attendance: 24,264

Switzerland   2–0  Turkey
Senderos   41'
Behrami   86'
Attendance: 31,130

Spain  5–1  Slovakia
García   10', 18', 74'
Torres   65' (pen.)
Morientes   79'
Report Németh   49'

Second legEdit

Czech Republic  1–0  Norway
Rosický   35' Report
Attendance: 17,464
Referee: Graham Poll (England)

Czech Republic won 2–0 on aggregate.

Turkey  4–2   Switzerland
Tuncay   22', 36', 89'
Necati   52' (pen.)
Report Frei   2' (pen.)
Streller   84'

4–4 on aggregate. Switzerland won on away goals.

Slovakia  1–1  Spain
Hološko   50' Report Villa   71'
Attendance: 23,587
Referee: Markus Merk (Germany)

Spain won 6–2 on aggregate.