Events from the year 2005 in Denmark.


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January edit

  • 1 January - New Year's celebrations all over Denmark fall silent for two minutes as mark of respect for Scandinavian memorial service for those affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.
  • 8 January - Denmark is hit by the storm called Erwin, the most powerful storm since the 1999 storm called Anatol. Some areas are flooded as the wind causes very high seawater levels, but overall the damage is limited.
  • 15 January - The new Copenhagen Opera House is inaugurated.[2]
  • 18 January - Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen calls for parliamentary elections, scheduled for 8 February.

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March edit

  • 3 March - At 19.17 the 3500-ton freighter, MV Karen Danielsen, crashes into the Western bridge of the Great Belt Bridge, 800m from Funen. All traffic across the bridge is closed, effectively splitting Denmark in two.
  • 4 March
    • - The Great Belt Bridge is reopened shortly after midnight after the freighter MV Karen Danielsen was pulled free, and inspectors found no structural damage to the bridge.
    • - The coldest day so far in Denmark this year. -20.2 degrees Celsius measured at Tune Airport near Roskilde. This is also the coldest day in the month of March since 1987. Source DMI.

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July edit

  • 7 July - Security in Denmark is stepped up after the 7 July 2005 London bombings. The London attack is seen as connected to threats which al-Qaeda had made against the countries supporting USA in the occupation of Iraq, to which both the United Kingdom and Denmark contributed.

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October edit

  • 15 October - Crown Princess Mary of Denmark gives birth to a healthy boy, expected to be named Prince Christian of Denmark. As the first child of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark the boy is expected to become king one day. Prior to the birth there had been some speculation as to what would happen if the child was a girl; the Danish constitution says that any younger boys would be above this girl in the line of succession, while the present-day consensus in Denmark is that the girl should become Queen. There had been a good deal of speculation that this birth of a baby girl would be an opportunity to change the constitution with regard to both the line of succession and a number of other areas like human rights; but as the child was a boy this is no longer relevant.
  • 17 October - Egyptian newspaper El Fagr publishes six of the cartoons during Ramadan along with an article strongly denouncing them. The publication of the images does not provoke any known protests from either Egyptian religious authorities nor the Egyptian government.[3][4]
  • October 27 - The police arrests 4 persons suspected to be part of an Islamic extremist terrorist cell planning suicide attacks. The arrests are reported to be connected to other arrests made in Bosnia; weapons and explosives have been found in Sarajevo [permanent dead link]. The following day two more Danes were arrested in Denmark [permanent dead link].
  • 27 October - A number of Muslim organizations file a complaint with the Danish police claiming that Jyllands-Posten had committed an offence under section 140 and 266b of the Danish Criminal Code.[5]
  • October - Taynikma, first volume of a Danish book series is published.[6]

November edit

  • November 15 - Elections are held at the municipality and regional levels.
  • November 16 - First snow of winter, after an unusually warm autumn.

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