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1998 NASCAR Busch Series

1998 team chartEdit

List of full-time teams at the start of 1998.

Team Car(s) No. Driver(s) Listed owner(s) Crew chief
Akins-Sutton Motorsports Ford Taurus 38 Elton Sawyer Bob Sutton Eddie Pardue
BACE Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 33 Tim Fedewa Barbara Baumgardner Bryan Smith
74 Randy LaJoie Bill Baumgardner Billy Manciewicz
Bobby Hillin Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 8 Bobby Hillin, Jr. Robert Hayes Nick Short
Brewco Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 37 Mark Green Clarence Brewer Kenneth Campbell
Buckshot Racing Pontiac Grand Prix 00 Buckshot Jones Billy Jones Ricky Pearson
CAA Performance Group Pontiac Grand Prix 96 Mike Stefanik Mike Curb John Birosh
DAJ Racing Ford Thunderbird 32 Jason Jarrett (R) Horace Isenhower Rick Bowman
Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Dale Earnhardt Tony Eury, Sr.
Diamond Ridge Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 29 Hermie Sadler Gary Bechtel Bob Gulbranson
66 Elliott Sadler Sandy Jones
Excel Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 56 Jeff Krogh Molly Krogh Jimmy Elledge
80 Mark Krogh Robert Krogh Dan Glauz
Hensley Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 63 Tracy Leslie Hubert Hensley Jeff Hensley
Innovative Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 47 Andy Santerre (R) George DeBidart Kevin Caldwell
J&J Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 99 Glenn Allen, Jr. Bill Papke John Monsam
Joe Bessey Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 6 Joe Bessey Nancy Bessey Harold Holly
Joe Gibbs Racing Pontiac Grand Prix 44 Bobby Labonte Joe Gibbs Bryant Frazier
Tony Stewart
Keystone Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 20 Blaise Alexander (R) Alex Crestinger Alex Crestinger
Lone Star Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 88 Kevin Schwantz (R) Kevin Schwantz C. R. Miller
Mark III Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 78 Hank Parker Jr. (R) Dan Browder Neil Browder
Martin Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 92 Derrike Cope/David Green Mac Martin Tim Weiss
Michael Waltrip Racing Ford Taurus 14 Patty Moise Buffy Waltrip Ronnie Silver
NorthStar Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 89 Stanton Barrett Meredith Ruark Mike Yoder
Parker Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 72 Mike Dillon Ron Parker Dean Johnson
Phil Parsons Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 10 Phil Parsons Marcia Parsons Gene Nead
Phoenix Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 4 Jeff Purvis James Finch Johnny Allen
Progressive Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 57 Jason Keller Steve DeSouza Jamie Jones
PRW Racing Ford Taurus 77 Ed Berrier Tony Hall Jimmy Means
Reiser Enterprises Chevrolet Monte Carlo 17 Matt Kenseth Robbie Reiser Robbie Reiser
Roush Racing Ford Taurus 9 Jeff Burton Jack Roush Tommy Morgan
60 Mark Martin Bobby Leslie
Shoemaker Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 64 Dick Trickle Dennis Shoemaker Bryan Schaffer
Specialty Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 40 Kevin Lepage Doug Taylor Doug Taylor
ST Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 59 Robert Pressley Tad Geschickter Steve Plattenberger
Stegall Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 85 Shane Hall Don Stegall John Finley
Team 34 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 30 Mike Cope (R) Jeffrey Welliver Donnie Richeson
34 Mike McLaughlin Frank Cicci Gary Cogswell
Pontiac Grand Prix 36 Matt Hutter (R) Scott Welliver Clyde McLeod
Team Amick Chevrolet Monte Carlo 35 Lyndon Amick Bill Amick Buddy Barnes
Washington-Erving Motorsports Ford Taurus 50 Jimmy Foster Joe Washington Darrell Bryant

NAPA Auto Parts 300Edit

The NAPA Auto Parts 300 was held February 14 at Daytona International Speedway. Mike McLaughlin won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 87-Joe Nemechek
  2. 4-Jeff Purvis
  3. 60-Mark Martin
  4. 00-Buckshot Jones
  5. 74-Randy LaJoie
  6. 17-Matt Kenseth
  7. 21-Michael Waltrip
  8. 88-Kevin Schwantz
  9. 12-Jimmy Spencer
  10. 10-Phil Parsons

Failed to qualify: Hank Parker Jr. (#78), Lyndon Amick (#35), Patty Moise (#14), Larry Pearson (#55), Ron Barfield (#2), Jimmy Foster (#50), Derrike Cope (#92), Blaise Alexander (#20), Doug Reid III (#7), Dale Shaw (#48), Lance Hooper (#23), Chris Diamond (#68), Mark Day (#16)

GM Goodwrench Service Plus 200Edit

The GM Goodwrench Service Plus 200 was held February 21 at North Carolina Speedway. Tony Stewart won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 17-Matt Kenseth
  2. 44-Tony Stewart
  3. 60-Mark Martin
  4. 9-Jeff Burton
  5. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  6. 66-Elliott Sadler
  7. 74-Randy LaJoie
  8. 72-Mike Dillon
  9. 37-Mark Green
  10. 57-Jason Keller

Failed to qualify: Patty Moise (#14), Jimmy Foster (#50), Dale Shaw (#48), Lance Hooper (#23), Ed Berrier (#77), J. D. Gibbs (#42), Kevin Cywinski, Stanton Barrett, Bobby Hillin, Jr. (#8), Rick Fuller, Michael Ritch

  • This was Kenseth's first career Busch Series victory.

Sam's Town Las Vegas 300Edit

The Sam's Town Las Vegas 300 was held February 28 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Mark Martin won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 12-Jimmy Spencer
  2. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  3. 87-Joe Nemechek
  4. 9-Jeff Burton
  5. 32-Dale Jarrett
  6. 60-Mark Martin
  7. 72-Mike Dillon
  8. 00-Buckshot Jones
  9. 29-Hermie Sadler
  10. 77-Ed Berrier

Failed to qualify: Hank Parker Jr. (#78), Lyndon Amick (#35), Ron Barfield, Chris Diamond (#68), Bobby Hillin, Jr. (#8), Rick Fuller, Dale Fischlein, Brendan Gaughan (#62)

• Randy LaJoie flipped on the final lap of the race.

BellSouth Mobility / Opryland 320Edit

The BellSouth Mobility / Opryland 320 was held March 15 at Nashville Speedway USA. Casey Atwood won the pole, becoming the youngest pole winner in NASCAR Busch Series history.

Top ten results

  1. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  2. 28-Casey Atwood
  3. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  4. 74-Randy LaJoie
  5. 57-Jason Keller
  6. 87-Joe Nemechek
  7. 1-Sterling Marlin
  8. 33-Tim Fedewa
  9. 64-Dick Trickle
  10. 38-Elton Sawyer

Failed to qualify: Hank Parker Jr. (#78), Chris Diamond (#68), Mark Day (#16), Brad Loney (#45), Mike Stefanik (#96), Jeff Krogh (#56), Mark Krogh (#80), Derek Gilcrest (#12)

Diamond Hill Plywood 200Edit

Moore's Snacks 250Edit

Coca-Cola 300Edit

The Coca-Cola 300 was held April 4 at Texas Motor Speedway. Elliott Sadler won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  2. 66-Elliott Sadler
  3. 87-Joe Nemechek
  4. 10-Phil Parsons
  5. 56-Jeff Krogh
  6. 74-Randy LaJoie
  7. 37-Mark Green
  8. 17-Matt Kenseth
  9. 2-Jeff Green
  10. 9-Jeff Burton

Failed to qualify: Robert Pressley (#59), Hank Parker Jr. (#53), Dick Trickle (#64), Kevin Schwantz (#88), Mark Day (#16), Bobby Hillin, Jr. (#8), Tom Lorenz (#62), Ted Smokstad (#48), Jeff Fuller (#78)

  • This was Dale Earnhardt Jr's first career Busch Series win.

Galaxy Food Centers 300Edit

The final Galaxy Food Centers 300 was held April 11 at Hickory Motor Speedway. Robert Pressley won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 77-Ed Berrier
  2. 29-Hermie Sadler
  3. 33-Tim Fedewa
  4. 72-Mike Dillon
  5. 17-Matt Kenseth
  6. 59-Robert Pressley
  7. 30-Mike Cope
  8. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  9. 85-Shane Hall
  10. 57-Jason Keller

Failed to qualify: Hank Parker Jr. (#78), Kevin Lepage (#40), Blaise Alexander (#20), Patty Moise (#14), Chris Diamond (#68), Johnny Chapman (#21), Johnny Rumley (#96), Shane Jenkins (#49), Randy Porter (#48), Eddie Beahr (#39)

  • This would be the first and only NASCAR victory of Berrier's career.

Touchstone Energy 300Edit

The Touchstone Energy 300 was held April 25 at Talladega Superspeedway. Joe Nemechek won the pole. During the race, Dave Blaney got spun around and flipped onto its side and slammed the wall with his roof. He walked away.

Top ten results

  1. 87-Joe Nemechek
  2. 10-Phil Parsons
  3. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  4. 00-Buckshot Jones
  5. 64-Dick Trickle
  6. 99-Glenn Allen, Jr.
  7. 78-Loy Allen Jr.
  8. 17-Matt Kenseth
  9. 36-Matt Hutter
  10. 38-Elton Sawyer

Failed to qualify: Patty Moise (#14), Doug Reid III (#7), Robert Pressley (#59), Mark Day (#16), Rick Wilson (#50)

Gumout Long Life Formula 200Edit

First Union 200Edit

The First Union 200 was held May 17 at Nazareth Speedway. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 33-Tim Fedewa
  2. 4-Jeff Purvis
  3. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  4. 17-Matt Kenseth
  5. 6-Joe Bessey
  6. 77-Ed Berrier
  7. 57-Jason Keller
  8. 66-Elliott Sadler
  9. 99-Glenn Allen, Jr.
  10. 13-Ted Christopher

Failed to qualify: none

CarQuest Auto Parts 300Edit

MBNA Platinum 200Edit

Hardee's 250Edit 250Edit

The inaugural 250 was held June 14 at Pikes Peak International Raceway. Matt Kenseth won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 17-Matt Kenseth
  2. 10-Phil Parsons
  3. 74-Randy LaJoie
  4. 38-Elton Sawyer
  5. 4-Jeff Purvis
  6. 63-Curtis Markham
  7. 37-Mark Green
  8. 59-Ron Hornaday
  9. 30-Mike Cope
  10. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Failed to qualify: none

Lysol 200Edit

The Lysol 200 was held June 28 at Watkins Glen International. Boris Said won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 87-Ron Fellows
  2. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  3. 9-Ashton Lewis
  4. 36-David Green
  5. 72-Mike Dillon
  6. 40-Jack Sprague
  7. 33-Tim Fedewa
  8. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  9. 2-Ricky Craven
  10. 57-Jason Keller

Failed to qualify: Mark Krogh (#80), John Preston (#55), Rick Bell (#78), Kat Teasdale (#54), Patty Moise (#14), Dale Quarterley (#32N)

  • With his victory, Fellows became the first Non-American winner in the NASCAR Busch series.

DieHard 250Edit

The DieHard 250 was held July 5 at The Milwaukee Mile. Jeff Purvis won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  2. 38-Elton Sawyer
  3. 4-Jeff Purvis
  4. 36-David Green
  5. 17-Matt Kenseth
  6. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  7. 00-Buckshot Jones
  8. 33-Tim Fedewa
  9. 6-Joe Bessey
  10. 74-Randy LaJoie

Failed to qualify: none

Myrtle Beach 250Edit

Kenwood Home & Car Audio 300Edit 300 Presented by Vallydale FoodsEdit

Kroger 200Edit

The Kroger 200 was held July 31 at Indianapolis Raceway Park. Buckshot Jones won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  2. 66-Elliott Sadler
  3. 00-Buckshot Jones
  4. 74-Randy LaJoie
  5. 36-David Green
  6. 17-Matt Kenseth
  7. 21-Mike Bliss
  8. 38-Elton Sawyer
  9. 15-Mike Wallace
  10. 8-Bobby Hillin, Jr.

Failed to qualify: Brad Noffsinger (#43), Mark McFarland (#82), Mark Day (#16), Stevie Reeves (#54), Kenneth Nichols (#94)

Pepsi 200 Presented by DevilbissEdit

Food City 250Edit

The Food City 250 was held August 21 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Steve Grissom won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 40-Kevin Lepage
  2. 10-Phil Parsons
  3. 32-Dale Jarrett
  4. 30-Todd Bodine
  5. 33-Tim Fedewa
  6. 15-Ken Schrader
  7. 83-Wayne Grubb
  8. 00-Buckshot Jones
  9. 4-Nathan Buttke
  10. 36-David Green

Failed to qualify: Michael Waltrip (#21), Lyndon Amick (#35), Greg Marlowe (#78), Mark Day (#16)

Dura-Lube 200 Presented by BI-LOEdit

The Dura-Lube 200 Presented by BI-LO was held September 5 at Darlington Raceway. Mike McLaughlin won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 64-Dick Trickle
  2. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  3. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  4. 40-Kevin Lepage
  5. 30-Todd Bodine
  6. 17-Matt Kenseth
  7. 32-Dale Jarrett
  8. 60-Mark Martin
  9. 59-Robert Pressley
  10. 15-Ken Schrader

Failed to qualify: Jeff Green (#92), Kelly Denton (#75), Ron Barfield (#2)

  • With his victory, Trickle became the oldest winner in Busch Series history, at the age of 56 years, 1 month, and 32 days.

Autolite Platinum 250Edit

MBNA Gold 200Edit

The MBNA Gold 200 was held September 19 at Dover International Speedway. Kevin Grubb won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 17-Matt Kenseth
  2. 52-Kevin Grubb
  3. 38-Elton Sawyer
  4. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  5. 30-Todd Bodine
  6. 93-Dave Blaney
  7. 4-Jeff Purvis
  8. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  9. 2-Ricky Craven
  10. 21-Michael Waltrip

Failed to qualify: none

All Pro Bumper to Bumper 300Edit

Carquest Auto Parts 250Edit

AC Delco 200Edit

The AC Delco 200 was held October 31 at North Carolina Speedway. Tony Stewart won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 66-Elliott Sadler
  2. 40-Kevin Lepage
  3. 29-Hermie Sadler
  4. 52-Kevin Grubb
  5. 84-Philip Morris
  6. 53-Hank Parker Jr.
  7. 72-Mike Dillon
  8. 8-Bobby Hillin, Jr.
  9. 33-Tim Fedewa
  10. 63-Curtis Markham

Failed to qualify: Tracy Leslie (#97), J. D. Gibbs (#42), Jeff Green (#92), Mike Wallace (#50), Bryan Wall (#73), Scott Hansen (#09), Lyndon Amick (#35), Matt Hutter (#55), Ted Christopher (#13), Chuck Bown (#51), Jeff Finley (#79), Mark Day (#16)

Stihl 300Edit

The Stihl 300 was originally scheduled for March 1998 but was held November 7 at Atlanta Motor Speedway after it and the Winston Cup Series Primestar 500 were both rained out. Dick Trickle won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 60-Mark Martin
  2. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  3. 44-Tony Stewart
  4. 17-Matt Kenseth
  5. 00-Buckshot Jones
  6. 52-Kevin Grubb
  7. 87-Joe Nemechek
  8. 10-Phil Parsons
  9. 21-Michael Waltrip
  10. 15-Ken Schrader

Failed to qualify: Tracy Leslie (#97), Lyndon Amick (#35), Hut Stricklin (#92), Gary Bradberry (#86), Curtis Markham (#89), Randy MacDonald (#7), Nathan Buttke (#78), Ken Bouchard (#50), Jeff Finley (#79), Morgan Shepherd

Jiffy Lube Miami 300Edit

Final points standingsEdit

Rookie of the YearEdit

Andy Santerre, being the only full-time candidate for Rookie of the Year, walked away with the title after finishing 20th in points. 2nd-place-finisher Dave Blaney made his Busch Series debut in 1998, posting three sixth-place finishes over a 20-race stretch. He would by followed by Blaise Alexander, then Wayne and Kevin Grubb, both of whom grabbed their first career pole positions during the season. 18-year-old Casey Atwood ran a part-time schedule in an undeclared season but finished 38th in points. The next two competitors were Mike Cope and Matt Hutter, teammates at Cicci-Welliver Racing but released after a lack of performance. Part-time drivers Lance Hooper, Jason Jarrett, and MotoGP legend Kevin Schwantz rounded out the rookie class of 1998.

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