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1999 NASCAR Busch Series

1999 team chartEdit

List of full-time teams at the start of 1999.

Team Manufacturer No. Driver(s) Listed owner(s) Crew chief
Akins-Sutton Motorsports Ford Taurus 38 Glenn Allen, Jr. Brad Akins Dean Johnson
98 Elton Sawyer Ricky Viers
AllCar Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 22 Jimmy Kitchens Dave Carroll Todd Lohse
Andy Petree Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 15 Ken Schrader Andy Petree N/A
BACE Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 33 Jason Jarrett Barbara Baumgardner Gary Cogswell
74 Tony Raines (R) Bill Baumgardner Steve Bird
Bill Davis Racing Pontiac Grand Prix 93 Dave Blaney Gail Davis Gil Martin
02 Ward Burton N/A
Brewco Motorsports
J&J Racing
Chevrolet Monte Carlo 27 Casey Atwood Tammy Brewer Jason Ratcliff
37 Kevin Grubb Clarence Brewer Terry Shirley
99 Kevin Lepage Bill Papke Dan Gibbs
Buckshot Racing Pontiac Grand Prix 00 Larry Pearson Billy Jones Kenneth Campbell
Cicci-Welliver Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 34 Mike McLaughlin Frank Cicci Jay Smith
Pontiac Grand Prix 36 Tim Fedewa Scott Welliver Vic Kangas
Chevrolet Monte Carlo 66 Todd Bodine Jeffrey Welliver Donnie Richeson
Curb/Agajanian Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 43 Shane Hall Don Stegall Gene Nead
Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Dale Earnhardt Tony Eury, Sr.
Diamond Ridge Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 4 Jeff Purvis Gary Bechtel Johnny Allen
Excel Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 56 Jeff Krogh Molly Krogh Sammy Speaks
80 Mark Krogh Robert Krogh Doug George
Galaxy Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 40 Kerry Earnhardt (R) Doug Taylor Richard Lasater
Grubb Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 83 Wayne Grubb William Grubb Bobby King
GTS Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 90 Brad Loney Frederick Maggio Bob Johnson
Hank Parker Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 53 Hank Parker Jr. (R) Hank Parker Dave McCarty
Henderson Brothers Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 75 Kelly Denton (R) Charlie Henderson Ron Denton
Hillin Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 8 Bobby Hillin Robert Hayes Steve Hibbard
HVP Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 63 Chuck Bown Hubert Hensley Jeff Hensley
Innovative Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 47 Andy Santerre George DeBidart Kevin Caldwell
Joe Gibbs Racing Pontiac Grand Prix 18 Bobby Labonte Joe Gibbs Bryant Frazier
Labonte Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 44 Terry Labonte Kimberly Labonte Eddie Lowery
Justin Labonte
NorthStar Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 89 Jeff Fuller Meredith Ruark Leon Fox
Parker Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 72 Hermie Sadler Ron Parker Cal Northrup
Petty Enterprises Chevrolet Monte Carlo 45 Adam Petty (R) Kyle Petty Lance Deiters
PRW Racing Ford Taurus 77 Ed Berrier Tony Hall Jimmy Means
Phil Parsons Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 10 Phil Parsons Marcia Parsons Doug Taylor
Phoenix Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1 Randy LaJoie James Finch Marc Reno
Progressive Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 32 Jeff Green Greg Pollex Harold Holly
57 Jason Keller Steve DeSouza Steve Addington
Reiser Enterprises Chevrolet Monte Carlo 17 Matt Kenseth Robbie Reiser Robbie Reiser
Roush Racing Ford Taurus 9 Jeff Burton Jack Roush Tommy Morgan
60 Mark Martin Tony Lambert
Sadler Brothers Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 95 Bobby Hamilton, Jr. (R) Earl Sadler Chick Sadler
Spencer Motor Ventures Chevrolet Monte Carlo 5 Dick Trickle Jimmy Spencer Bryan Schaffer
12 Jimmy Spencer Jimmy Spencer N/A
ST Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 59 Mike Dillon Tad Geschickter Steve Plattenberger
Team Amick Chevrolet Monte Carlo 35 Lyndon Amick Bill Amick Buddy Barnes
Team Rensi Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 25 Jeff Finley Ed Rensi David Ifft
Kenny Wallace
Team Yellow Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 19 Mike Skinner David Ridling C. R. Miller
Washington-Erving Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 50 Mark Green Joe Washington Darrell Bryant
Xpress Motorsports Pontiac Grand Prix 61 Derrike Cope Steve Coulter Dave Fuge

NAPA Auto Parts 300Edit

The NAPA Auto Parts 300 was held February 13 at Daytona International Speedway. Ken Schrader was the polesitter. On the last lap, Casey Atwood was tapped by Andy Hillenburg into the outside retaining wall. Atwood continued to go across the tri-oval on his roof. Atwood flipped 4 times, but emerged from his Chevrolet unscathed. The race was broadcast on CBS.

Top ten results

  1. 1-Randy LaJoie
  2. 32-Jeff Green
  3. 18-Andy Hillenburg
  4. 17-Matt Kenseth
  5. 8-Bobby Hillin Jr.
  6. 45-Adam Petty
  7. 99-Kevin Lepage
  8. 37-Kevin Grubb
  9. 9-Jeff Burton
  10. 90-Brad Loney

Failed to qualify: Hank Parker Jr. (#53), Derrike Cope (#61), Kelly Denton (#75), Morgan Shepherd (#07), Wayne Grubb (#83), Jeff Krogh (#56), Mike Garvey (#09), Skip Smith (#67), Shane Hall (#43), Mark Krogh (#80), Mike Stefanik (#05), Mark Day (#16), Blaise Alexander (#20), Ed Berrier (#77), Hermie Sadler (#72), Freddie Query (#68), Jeff McClure (#13), Brett Bodine (#54), Jim Bown (#51), Joe Bessey (#6), Lance Hooper (#23), Loy Allen Jr. (#78)

Alltel 200Edit

The Alltel 200 was held February 20 at North Carolina Speedway. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was the polesitter. The race was broadcast on TNN.

Top ten results

  1. 9-Jeff Burton
  2. 60-Mark Martin
  3. 17-Matt Kenseth
  4. 1-Randy LaJoie
  5. 27-Casey Atwood
  6. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  7. 98-Elton Sawyer
  8. 64-Geoffrey Bodine
  9. 66-Todd Bodine
  10. 36-Tim Fedewa

Failed to qualify: Adam Petty (#45), Freddie Query (#68), Brad Loney (#90), David Green (#41), Glenn Allen Jr. (#38), Philip Morris (#01), Jeff Green (#32), Mario Gosselin (#58), Dick Trickle (#5), Jeff Finley (#25), Bryan Wall (#73), Mike Skinner (#19), Bobby Labonte (#44), Jimmy Kitchens (#22)

Sam's Town 300Edit

The Sam's Town 300 was held March 6 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Mark Martin was the pole sitter. The race was broadcast on ESPN.

Top ten results

  1. 60-Mark Martin
  2. 87-Joe Nemechek
  3. 9-Jeff Burton
  4. 24-Jeff Gordon
  5. 12-Jimmy Spencer
  6. 3-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  7. 47-Elliott Sadler
  8. 32-Jeff Green
  9. 99-Kevin Lepage
  10. 57-Jason Keller

Failed to qualify: Casey Atwood (#27), Glenn Allen Jr. (#38), Brad Loney (#90), Mike Dillon (#59), Ted Musgrave (#29), Joe Buford (#7), Larry Pearson (#00), Jeff Finley (#25), Shane Hall (#43), Ed Berrier (#77), Jimmy Kitchens (#22), Kevin Grubb (#37), Freddie Query (#68), Wayne Grubb (#83), Bobby Hillin, Jr. (#8), Bryan Wall (#73), Hermie Sadler (#72), Eric Jones (#70), Morgan Shepherd (#07), Mark Krogh (#80), Jerry Glanville (#81), Bobby Hamilton, Jr. (#95)

Yellow Freight 300Edit

The Yellow Freight 300 was held March 13 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Dave Blaney was the polesitter. The race came under controversy when winner Mike Skinner was disqualified and the win was given to Blaney. But after a further review, NASCAR reversed its decision and reawarded the victory to Skinner. The race was broadcast on ESPN.

Top ten results

  1. 19-Mike Skinner
  2. 93-Dave Blaney
  3. 3-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  4. 99-Kevin Lepage
  5. 66-Todd Bodine
  6. 60-Mark Martin
  7. 64-Geoffrey Bodine
  8. 98-Elton Sawyer
  9. 38-Glenn Allen Jr.
  10. 50-Mark Green

Failed to qualify: Andy Kirby (#28), Tim Fedewa (#36), Freddie Query (#68), Hermie Sadler (#72), Bobby Hamilton, Jr. (#95), Jeff Finley (#25), Shane Hall (#43), Brad Loney (#90), Jeff Fuller (#89), J. D. Gibbs (#18), Kevin Grubb (#37), Mark Day (#16)

Diamond Hill Plywood 200Edit

The Diamond Hill Plywood 200 was held March 20 at Darlington Raceway. Mark Martin was the polesitter. The race was broadcast on ESPN.

Top ten results

  1. 17-Matt Kenseth
  2. 98-Elton Sawyer
  3. 10-Phil Parsons
  4. 44-Terry Labonte
  5. 99-Kevin Lepage
  6. 9-Jeff Burton
  7. 41-David Green
  8. 36-Tim Fedewa
  9. 21-Michael Waltrip
  10. 66-Todd Bodine

Failed to qualify: Jim Bown (#51), Lyndon Amick (#35), Andy Kirby (#28), Jeff Finley (#25), Freddie Query (#68), Mark Krogh (#80), Kerry Earnhardt (#40), Jimmy Kitchens (#22), Kevin Grubb (#37) Bobby Labonte (#18)

Coca-Cola 300Edit

The Coca-Cola 300 was held March 27 at Texas Motor Speedway. Dave Blaney won the pole. The race was shortened to 163 laps due to rain.

Top ten results

  1. 60-Mark Martin
  2. 9-Jeff Burton
  3. 32-Jeff Green
  4. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  5. 11-Kenny Irwin, Jr.
  6. 57-Jason Keller
  7. 15-Ken Schrader
  8. 93-Dave Blaney
  9. 19-Mike Skinner
  10. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Failed to qualify: None

BellSouth Mobility 320Edit

Moore's Snacks 250Edit

Touchstone Energy 300Edit

The Touchstone Energy 300 was held April 24 at Talladega Superspeedway. Ken Schrader won the pole. The Big One happened midway in the race, with pole-sitter Schrader crashing and erupting in flames in Turn 1, also taking many other cars out. Schrader was uninjured. Terry Labonte would just barely edge Joe Nemechek in the closest finish of NASCAR Busch Series history.

Top ten results

  1. 44-Terry Labonte
  2. 87-Joe Nemechek
  3. 4-Jeff Purvis
  4. 17-Matt Kenseth
  5. 35-Lyndon Amick
  6. 3-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  7. 00-Larry Pearson
  8. 27-Casey Atwood
  9. 1-Randy LaJoie
  10. 41-David Green

Failed to qualify: Andy Kirby (#28), Mark Martin (#60), Loy Allen (#78), Hermie Sadler (#72), Skip Smith (#67), Joe Bessey (#6), Stevie Reeves (#25), Freddie Query (#68)

  • This was the first Busch Series race in which veteran driver Mark Martin had failed to qualify for since February 1993.
  • Elton Sawyer entered this race with a microscopic 1 point lead in Busch Series standings, but due to engine troubles just 15 laps into the race, Sawyer had to drop out of the race, causing him to drop from first in points to third with a 114-point deficit to new standings leader Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Auto Club 300Edit

Busch 200Edit

The Busch 200 was held May 8 at New Hampshire International Speedway. Jeff Green won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 98-Elton Sawyer
  2. 32-Jeff Green
  3. 4-Jeff Purvis
  4. 1-Randy LaJoie
  5. 27-Casey Atwood
  6. 57-Jason Keller
  7. 72-Hermie Sadler
  8. 17-Matt Kenseth
  9. 66-Todd Bodine
  10. 77-Ed Berrier

Failed to qualify: Bobby Dotter (#08), Wayne Grubb (#83), Joe Bessey (#6), Bryan Wall (#73)

Hardee's 250Edit

First Union 200Edit

The First Union 200 was held May 23 at Nazareth Speedway. Jeff Green won the pole. The race was shortened to 168 laps due to darkness.

Top ten results

  1. 17-Matt Kenseth
  2. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  3. 36-Tim Fedewa
  4. 93-Dave Blaney
  5. 45-Adam Petty
  6. 4-Jeff Purvis
  7. 32-Jeff Green
  8. 13-Ted Christopher
  9. 10-Phil Parsons
  10. 53-Hank Parker Jr.

Failed to qualify: Wayne Grubb (#83), Joey McCarthy (#41), Chad Chaffin (#84), J. D. Gibbs (#8N), Andy Kirby (#28), Bryan Wall (#77N), Dennis Demers (#86N), Mike Olsen (#61N)

Carquest Auto Parts 300Edit

The Carquest Auto Parts 300 was held May 29 at Lowe's Motor Speedway. David Green won the pole. The race was broadcast on TBS.

Top ten results

  1. 60-Mark Martin
  2. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  3. 17-Matt Kenseth
  4. 9-Jeff Burton
  5. 21-Michael Waltrip
  6. 54-Brett Bodine
  7. 63-Chuck Bown
  8. 98-Elton Sawyer
  9. 66-Todd Bodine
  10. 32-Jeff Green

Failed to qualify: Terry Labonte (#44), Glenn Allen Jr. (#38), Jerry Nadeau (#90), Geoffrey Bodine (#64), Mike Wallace (#33), Bobby Hillin, Jr. (#8), Philip Morris (#01), Jeff Fuller (#89), Kenny Irwin, Jr. (#11), Tony Roper (#61), Larry Pearson (#00), Ed Berrier (#77), Mike Dillon (#59), Jim Bown (#65), Steve Grissom (#22), Lyndon Amick (#35), Andy Kirby (#28), Nathan Buttke (#30), Joe Buford (#7), Jeff Krogh (#56), Jimmy Kitchens (#55), Doug Reid III (#97)

MBNA Platinum 200Edit

The MBNA Platinum 200 was held June 5 at Dover International Speedway. Dick Trickle won the pole. The race was broadcast on TNN.

Top ten results

  1. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  2. 02-Ward Burton
  3. 66-Todd Bodine
  4. 41-David Green
  5. 5-Dick Trickle
  6. 37-Kevin Grubb
  7. 32-Jeff Green
  8. 93-Dave Blaney
  9. 98-Elton Sawyer
  10. 57-Jason Keller

Failed to qualify: Andy Santerre (#47), Jerry Glanville (#81), Brad Loney (#90), Hermie Sadler (#72), Joey McCarthy (#41), John Preston (#12), Hank Parker Jr. (#53), Lyndon Amick (#35)

Textilease/Medique 300Edit

The Textilease/Medique 300 was held June 12 at South Boston Speedway. Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the pole. This was the last career NASCAR race for Chuck Bown

Top ten results

  1. 3-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  2. 32-Jeff Green
  3. 53-Hank Parker Jr.
  4. 4-Jeff Purvis
  5. 36-Tim Fedewa
  6. 17-Matt Kenseth
  7. 01-Philip Morris
  8. 61-Tony Roper
  9. 74-Tony Raines
  10. 27-Casey Atwood

Failed to qualify: Greg Marlowe (#92), Jeff Krogh (#56), R. D. Smith (#79), Curtis Markham (#33), Andy Santerre (#47), Stanton Barrett (#40), Shane Hall (#43), Glenn Allen, Jr. (#38), Ed Berrier (#77), Andy Kirby (#28)

Lysol 200Edit

DieHard 250Edit

The DieHard 250 was held July 4 at The Milwaukee Mile. Casey Atwood won the pole. During the final practice for this race, Jeff Krogh crashed and suffered near-fatal injuries. He has since recovered, although he has not run a NASCAR race since. This was Casey Atwood's first career Busch Series victory as he moved Jeff Green out of the way on the final turn, final lap.

Top ten results

  1. 27-Casey Atwood
  2. 32-Jeff Green
  3. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  4. 38-Glenn Allen Jr.
  5. 17-Matt Kenseth
  6. 93-Dave Blaney
  7. 92-Jimmie Johnson
  8. 66-Todd Bodine
  9. 5-Dick Trickle
  10. 61-Tony Roper

Failed to qualify: Mario Gosselin (#15), Bobby Dotter (#08), Rick Beebe (#82), Dennis Setzer (#11), Stacy Compton (#19), Jerry Glanville (#81), Mel Walen (#58), Brad Loney (#90)

Myrtle Beach 250Edit

NAPA Autocare 250Edit

Carquest Auto Parts 250Edit

Kroger 200 Presented by Fifth Third BankEdit

The Kroger 200 was held August 6 at Indianapolis Raceway Park. Jason Keller won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 57-Jason Keller
  2. 66-Todd Bodine
  3. 32-Jeff Green
  4. 17-Matt Kenseth
  5. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  6. 4-Jeff Purvis
  7. 36-Tim Fedewa
  8. 98-Elton Sawyer
  9. 40-Butch Miller
  10. 74-Tony Raines

Failed to qualify: Brad Baker (#7), Brad Loney (#90), Tony Roper (#61), D.J. Hoelzle (#55), Greg Marlowe (#92), Gus Wasson (#96)

NAPA 200Edit

The NAPA 200 was held August 21 at Michigan International Speedway. Dave Blaney won the pole. During a practice session for this race, Ernie Irvan crashed in turn 4 and suffered serious injuries. This forced him into early retirement.

Top ten results

  1. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  2. 24-Jeff Gordon
  3. 93-Dave Blaney
  4. 02-Ward Burton
  5. 60-Mark Martin
  6. 21-Michael Waltrip
  7. 9-Jeff Burton
  8. 12-Jimmy Spencer
  9. 77-Kevin Lepage
  10. 4-Jeff Purvis

Failed to qualify: Curtis Markham (#72), Ted Musgrave (#82), Hank Parker Jr. (#53), Phil Parsons (#10), Tony Roper (#61), Tim Fedewa (#36), Bobby Hillin, Jr. (#8), Butch Miller (#40), Wayne Grubb (#83), Greg Sacks (#90), Ricky Craven (#47), Chad Chaffin (#16), Glenn Allen Jr. (#38), Ernie Irvan (#84), Gus Wasson (#96), Ted Christopher (#13), Matt Hutter (#99)

Food City 250Edit

Dura Lube 200Edit

The Dura Lube 200 was held September 4 at Darlington Raceway. Ward Burton won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 60-Mark Martin
  2. 93-Dave Blaney
  3. 17-Matt Kenseth
  4. 02-Ward Burton
  5. 87-Joe Nemechek
  6. 25-Kenny Wallace
  7. 9-Jeff Burton
  8. 4-Jeff Purvis
  9. 14-Sterling Marlin
  10. 66-Todd Bodine

Failed to qualify: Hermie Sadler (#33), Ted Musgrave (#40), Kevin Harvick (#2), Terry Labonte (#44), Greg Sacks (#90), Curtis Markham (#72), Andy Santerre (#47), Lyndon Amick (#88), Ed Berrier (#55), Kerry Earnhardt (#7), Tom Hubert (#15)

Autolite Platinum 250Edit

MBNA Gold 200Edit

The MBNA Gold 200 was held September 25 at Dover International Speedway. Matt Kenseth won the pole. The race was broadcast on TNN.

Top ten results

  1. 27-Casey Atwood
  2. 1-Randy LaJoie
  3. 32-Jeff Green
  4. 74-Tony Raines
  5. 11-Kenny Irwin, Jr.
  6. 25-Kenny Wallace
  7. 46-David Green
  8. 10-Phil Parsons
  9. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  10. 00-Buckshot Jones

Failed to qualify: Jason Leffler (#18), Kelly Denton (#75), Lance Hooper (#23), Rich Bickle (#63), Joey McCarthy (#41), Michael Ritch (#55), Ted Christopher (#13), Jimmy Kitchens (#7), Ken Alexander (#03)

All Pro Bumper to Bumper 300Edit

Kmart 200Edit

The Kmart 200 was held October 23 at North Carolina Speedway. Mark Martin won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 60-Mark Martin
  2. 32-Jeff Green
  3. 93-Dave Blaney
  4. 17-Matt Kenseth
  5. 66-Todd Bodine
  6. 33-Johnny Benson
  7. 25-Kenny Wallace
  8. 57-Jason Keller
  9. 41-David Green
  10. 61-Morgan Shepherd

Failed to qualify: Hut Stricklin (#38), Ken Schrader (#15), Sterling Marlin (#14), Rich Bickle (#91), Lance Hooper (#23), Jimmy Hensley (#83), Mike Borkowski (#02), Hermie Sadler (#47), Johnny Chapman (#73), Greg Biffle (#19), Ed Berrier (#63), Kelly Moore (#48), Mike Laughlin, Jr. (#94), Philip Morris (#01)

Sam's Town 250Edit

The inaugural Sam's Town 250 was held October 30 at Memphis Motorsports Park. Jeff Green won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 32-Jeff Green
  2. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  3. 98-Elton Sawyer
  4. 66-Todd Bodine
  5. 45-Adam Petty
  6. 5-Dick Trickle
  7. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  8. 37-Kevin Grubb
  9. 36-Tim Fedewa
  10. 35-Lyndon Amick

Failed to qualify: J. D. Gibbs (#42), Jimmy Spencer (#12), Jimmy Morales (#82), Kenny Wallace (#25), Brad Baker (#7), Ricky Hendrick (#24), Joe Buford (#67), Brian Smith (#76), R. D. Smith (#13), Kevin Lepage (#99), Sean Studer (#68), Ron Young (#71), Kelly Moore (#48), Kevin Ray (#95), Mike Garvey (#09), Kelly Denton (#75)

Outback Steakhouse 200Edit

The Outback Steakhouse 200 was held November 6 at Phoenix International Raceway. Ken Schrader won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 24-Jeff Gordon
  2. 3-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  3. 12-Jimmy Spencer
  4. 9-Jeff Burton
  5. 25-Kenny Wallace
  6. 31-Ron Hornaday
  7. 15-Ken Schrader
  8. 17-Matt Kenseth
  9. 66-Todd Bodine
  10. 00-Buckshot Jones

Failed to qualify: Joe Nemechek (#87), Bobby Hamilton (#80), Jimmy Hensley (#83), Greg Sacks (#90), Jimmy Morales (#14), Dave Steele (#82), Damon Lusk (#70)

  • First win for Gordon-Evernham Motorsports. This was also the only win with Ray Evernham as co-owner. Evernham would sell his half of the team at seasons end to go develop his own team with Dodge for the 2001 Winston Cup season. Rick Hendrick bought Evernham’s share and the team was renamed to JG Motorsports for 2000. 300Edit

Final points standingsEdit

Rookie of the YearEdit

The winner of the 1999 rookie battle was Tony Raines, a former American Speed Association champion. He had three top-ten finishes en route to a twelfth-place finish in points. Hank Parker Jr. was the runner-up in his second bid for the award, while fourth-generation driver and preseason favorite Adam Petty struggled with consistency and finished third. Bobby Hamilton Jr. and Tony Roper spent the season bouncing from ride to ride, and were unable to make a strong threat for the award. Kelly Denton, Philip Morris, Kerry Earnhardt, and Skip Smith all declared for the ROTY award, but could not mount a full-season attempt.

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