1986 Arab Junior Athletics Championships

The 1986 Arab Junior Athletics Championships was the second edition of the international athletics competition for under-20 athletes from Arab countries. It took place in Cairo, Egypt. A total of 38 athletics events were contested, 22 for men and 16 for women. Algeria, a regional power in the sport, did not send a team.[1]

2nd Arab Junior Athletics Championships
Host cityCairo, Egypt

Tunisia topped the medal table with twelve gold medals, most of them from the women's section. Morocco and Saudi Arabia each won seven gold medals and were closely followed by Egypt, which took six.[1] Four top world-level athletes emerged at this competition, all of them Moroccan. In the men's 5000 metres, Brahim Boutayeb beat his compatriot Khalid Skah to the title – both went on to win gold medals in the 10,000 metres at the Olympics.[2] In the women's 3000 metres, Zahra Ouaziz was only third in Cairo but as a senior she won two medals at the World Championships in Athletics.[3] Nezha Bidouane was the Arab junior women's champion in the 100 metres hurdles and the runner-up in the 400 metres hurdles and later was a two-time world champion in the latter event.[4]

The most successful athlete was Tunisia's Selma Khardani, who won the women's 800, 1500 and 3000 m titles. She won senior honours at national level, but not internationally.[5] Hanan Ahmed Khaled was the second most successful athlete at the competition, winning the shot put and discus throw events, and also a javelin throw bronze medal; she became one of Egypt's most successful sportswomen, with four gold medals at the African Championships in Athletics to her name.[6]

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Mohammed Husawi (KSA) 10.78   Mohammed Al-Beshi (KSA) 10.85   Mohamed El Kandoussi (MAR) 10.92
200 metres   Mohammed Al-Beshi (KSA) 21.79 CR   Mohammed Husawi (KSA) 21.91   Mohamed El Kandoussi (MAR) 22.04
400 metres   Sultan Saad (KSA) 49.16   Yacoub Ishak (KUW) 49.19   Slim Ben Brahim (TUN) 49.41
800 metres   Brahim El-Ghazali (MAR) 1:54.21   Omar Ibrahim Mohamed (EGY) 1:54.77   Shawki Abdullah (QAT) 1:55.23
1500 metres   Brahim El-Ghazali (MAR) 3:51.59   Mohammed Khamis (QAT) 3:51.72   Abdelmalek Amanallah (MAR) 3:53.77
5000 metres   Brahim Boutayeb (MAR) 14:13.75 CR   Khalid Skah (MAR) 15:01.85   Noureddine Kamoun (TUN) 15:07.35
110 m hurdles   Khalid Salem Hassan (BHR) 14.85 CR   Ziad Enazi Abdulrazak (KUW) 15.04   Adnan Ali (KUW) 15.67
400 m hurdles   Khalid Salem Hassan (BHR) 52.84   Saleh Zayed (BHR) 54.93   Hassan El Fergui (MAR) 55.25
2000 metres steeplechase   Abdelmalek Amanallah (MAR) 5:49.29   Tawfik Boukroma (TUN) 5:51.82   Habib Boujlel (TUN) 5:57.20
4×100 m relay   Saudi Arabia (KSA) 42.22 CR   Bahrain (BHR) 42.99   Morocco (MAR) 43.97
4×400 m relay   Egypt (EGY) 3:20.88   Oman (OMN) 3:23.16   Tunisia (TUN) 3:24.69
30 km road race   Saleh Alawi (QAT) 2:01:44   Mohammed Sarsour (JOR) 2:04:22   Othman Ali (QAT) 2:10:52
15 km walk   Ahmed Abdel Hamid (EGY) 1:25:12   Salah Abdallah (EGY) 1:29:54   Walid Okasha (PLE) 1:35:13
High jump   Wahid Ahmed Abu Agala (EGY) 1.96 m   Mashal Douihi (KUW) 1.93 m   Omran Al-Maarouf (PLE) 1.90 m
Pole vault   Nasser Al-Wahibi (KSA) 4.30 m   Walid Zaid (QAT) 4.00 m   Mashal Abdullah (KUW) 4.00 m
Long jump   Talal Al-Sowailem (KUW) 6.76 m   Youssef Sayed Mohamed Awad (EGY) 6.67 m Only two finishers
Triple jump   Larbi Fezzani (TUN) 14.34 m   Youssef Sayed Mohamed Awad (EGY) 14.28 m   Hassan Ghazala (MAR) 14.15 m
Shot put   Khalid Salman Al-Khalidi (KSA) 15.65 m CR   Hussain Ali Al-Saeed (KUW) 15.08 m   Mahmoud Saeed Jala (KUW) 14.83 m
Discus throw   Mahmoud Mustafa (KUW) 41.04 m   Badr Abdulwahid (KUW) 40.68 m   Sherif Mohamed Abderrahim (EGY) 40.22 m
Hammer throw   Abdul Hakim Ali (QAT) 59.64 m CR   Badr Ali Al-Rashoud (KUW) 54.08 m   Riyad Rashid (BHR) 49.40 m
Javelin throw   Abdul Azim Al-Ewat (KSA) 59.30 m   Hussain Abbas (KUW) 56.44 m   Saeed Hamed (OMN) 56.42 m
Decathlon   Anis Driss (TUN) 5830 pts   Mashal Douihi (KUW) 5499 pts   Ahmed Hosni Abu Zid (EGY) 5229 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Méryem Oumezdi (MAR) 12.23 CR   Lamia Makni (TUN) 12.42   Ilham Saïdi (MAR) 13.01
200 metres   Lamia Makni (TUN) 25.15 CR   Méryem Oumezdi (MAR) 25.69   Intisar Othman (JOR) 26.79
400 metres   Lamia Makni (TUN) 57.06 CR   Hend Kebaoui (TUN) 59.41   Intisar Othman (JOR) 60.29
800 metres   Selma Khardani (TUN) 2:18.00   Nadia Belattar (MAR) 2:21.27   Rahma Zouggar (MAR) 2:22.67
1500 metres   Selma Khardani (TUN) 4:39.08   Bouchra Belmoudden (MAR) 4:45.59   Nadia Belattar (MAR) 4:49.78
3000 metres   Selma Khardani (TUN) 10:35.39   Amin Ismail (JOR) 10:51.10   Zahra Ouaziz (MAR) 11:02.22
100 m hurdles   Nezha Bidouane (MAR) 15.20   Selma Triki (TUN) 16.67   Ilham Saïdi (MAR) 18.25
400 m hurdles   Hend Kebaoui (TUN) 64.35   Nezha Bidouane (MAR) 65.50   Samia Sassi (TUN) 67.36
4×100 m relay   Tunisia (TUN) 49.32   Morocco (MAR) 50.39   Egypt (EGY) 52.14
4×400 m relay   Tunisia (TUN) 4:01.68   Morocco (MAR) 4:11.76   Jordan (JOR) 4:16.78
High jump   Touria Aboudi (MAR) 1.58 m CR   Ilham Touati (MAR) 1.56 m   Rym Fatma Guizani (TUN) 1.54 m
Long jump   Nagwa Abd El Hay Riad (EGY) 5.52 m   Basma Fkih (TUN) 5.41 m   Hend Kebaoui (TUN) 5.36 m
Shot put   Hanan Ahmed Khaled (EGY) 11.74 m CR   Nadia Messadi (TUN) 10.06 m   Méryem Benamar (MAR) 9.87 m
Discus throw   Hanan Ahmed Khaled (EGY) 38.72 m   Nevin Idris (EGY) 28.70 m   Abir Mahmoud (PLE) 19.18 m
Javelin throw   Nadia Messadi (TUN) 30.04 m   Azza El Omari (EGY) 28.98 m   Hanan Ahmed Khaled (EGY) 26.96 m
Heptathlon   Nadia Messadi (TUN) 2608 pts   Hédia Zalila (TUN) 2510 pts   Ilham Touati (MAR) 2478 pts

Medal table

1  Tunisia (TUN)127726
2  Morocco (MAR)781328
3  Saudi Arabia (KSA)7209
4  Egypt (EGY)66416
5  Kuwait (KUW)28313
6  Qatar (QAT)2226
7  Bahrain (BHR)2215
8  Jordan (JOR)0235
9  Oman (OMN)0112
10  Palestine (PLE)0022
Totals (10 entries)383836112


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