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  • January – Australian Music's Awards ceremony Countdown Awards rebrands the name to Countdown Music and Video Awards. As a result, Countdown returns for 1983 with a revamp, and gone were the screaming-louded studio audience, the iconic jingle and in their place – a quiet studio.
  • 24 January – Australian soap opera from Crawford Productions Carson's Law premieres on Network Ten starting off as a 90-minute movie length episode with another two-hour episode in the same timeslot the following night before settling into its twice-weekly 60-minute format the following week.
  • March – British children's animated series Danger Mouse airs on ABC in Victoria and some other states of Australia for the first time.
  • 10 March – Final episode of the Australian drama series The Sullivans airs on Nine Network.
  • 30 March – Australian drama series The Young Doctors airs it final episode on Nine Network after a record-breaking of over 1,396 episodes.
  • 22 April – The 25th Anniversary TV Week Logie Awards, hosted by Michael Willesee airs on Network Ten.
  • 24 April – The Eurovision Song Contest is telecast in Australia for the first time.
  • 30 April – Four Corners program aired exposing allegations that NSW Premier Neville Wran had tried to influence the magistry over the dropping of fraud charges against Kevin Humphreys, charged with misappropriation of funds from the Balmain Leagues Club. Humphreys is forced to resign his position as President of the NSWRL, while Wran has to face the Street Royal Commission over the allegations and was later exonerated.
  • 19 May – Australian drama series Patrol Boat returns for a brand new series on ABC.
  • 10 June – James Dibble retires from presenting ABC News NSW after 26 years.
  • 1 July – The Australian Broadcasting Commission changes its name to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • 11 August – The ABC airs the final episode of the Australian drama series Patrol Boat.
  • 26 September – After Australia's America's Cup win, Prime Minister Bob Hawke goes on the Today show and declared a national public holiday for that day, stating that "Any boss who sacks a worker for not turning up today is a bum."
  • 14 October – Channel 0/28 commences transmission in Canberra, Goulburn and Cooma on the UHF band, and changes its name to Network 0/28.
  • 29 October – Seven Network and various regional stations broadcast a selection of movies and TV programs in 3D in a 2-hour experiment.
  • 20 November – Debut of American sitcom Cheers on the Nine Network.
  • 27 November – The last ever episode of The Don Lane Show goes to air on the Nine Network. In the last episode before immigrating back to America, Don Lane celebrated his 50th Birthday Party.


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