1992 in Australian television

List of years in Australian television


  • 1 January – The Victorian television market is aggregated, with VIC TV (now WIN Television) becoming the Nine Network affiliate, Prime Television taking a Seven Network affiliation & Southern Cross Network (now Southern Cross Ten) taking the Network Ten affiliation.
  • 3 January – The long running British science fiction series Doctor Who airs its finale broadcast on ABC with the fourth and final part of the seventh and final serial of Season 18 Logopolis. For the rest of 1992 there were no more broadcasts of Doctor Who until 8 March 1993 with the first serial of Season 19 Castrovalva. The show will finish airing on 3 March 1994.
  • 6 January – Neighbours and Home and Away return for 1992 now both screening against each other in the 7:30 pm timeslot.
  • 20 January – Network Ten launches weeknight "First at Five" news on its five capital city stations.
  • 20 January – Bert Newton returns to television as host of a new talk show on Network Ten The Morning Show.
  • 20 January – Former ABC reporter Stan Grant presents a new nightly current affairs program called Real Life on Seven Network.
  • 27 January – Australian evening current affairs program The 7.30 Report returns to ABC for the new year.
  • 3 February – Ex-Europe Correspondent Ian Henderson takes over as newsreader for the 7.00 pm ABC News in Victoria after Mary Delahunty left to replace John Jost for the Victoria Edition of The 7.30 Report.
  • 3 February – Australian pioneering lifestyle program Healthy, Wealthy and Wise makes its debut and begins a seven-year run on Network Ten.
  • 8 February – Network Ten's troubled soap opera Neighbours is another attempt to bring back to its former 1980s ratings glory, producers are ramping up the show's storylines as well as writing out four cast members while signing up three new faces. Lorraine Bayly, Jeremy Angerson, Andrew Williams and Gillian Blakeney being terminated and are all leaving the show in coming weeks – while Ben Mitchell and Felice Arena are joining the series, and former guest star and future recording artist Natalie Imbruglia is returning for an ongoing role. Producer Don Battye is confident of re-signing Melissa Bell (the current Lucy Robinson) when her contract expires mid-year, despite moves to have her swap over to Ten's other evening soap, E Street. Veteran actor Tom Oliver has been re-signed with Neighbours, with plans to romantically match up his character Lou Carpenter to now-widowed Madge Bishop (Anne Charleston). Producers are also casting for two teenagers to enter the series as Carpenter's children. Another romantic storyline being devised by writers is set to involve Lucy (Melissa Bell) and Brad Willis (Scott Michaelson).
  • 9 February – Three of Nine Network's current affairs lineup programmes 60 Minutes, Sunday and Business Sunday return for another year.
  • 9 February – French-American-Canadian animated series Inspector Gadget airs on ABC as a stand alone for the very last time. The series will continue airing on Sunday mornings when it returns to air as part of the Sunday morning wrapper programme Couch Potato on 22 March.
  • 10 February – Australian comedy series Mother and Son returns for a new series on ABC.
  • 10 February – The Nine Network launches a new game show called Supermarket Sweep presented by Ian Turpie, making his last game show appearance before his passing in 2012.
  • 12 February – American sitcom Home Improvement based on the stand-up comedy of Tim Allen debuts on Seven Network.
  • 13 February – Simon Westaway, Paul Sonkkila, Ben Steel, David Bradshaw and Sean Scully star in a brand new Australian police drama series Phoenix on ABC.
  • 14 February – Australian gardening and lifestyle series Burke's Backyard returns for another year. This time host Don Burke is joined by presenters Dr. Harry Cooper, Peter Harris and Densey Clyne.
  • 15 February – Australian five minute cooking program Consuming Passions hosted by British chef Ian Parmenter premieres on the ABC.
  • 22 February – Australian gardening and lifestyle series Burke's Backyard begins airing in New Zealand on TV One.
  • 1 March - The Nine Network revamps it's on air presentation and launches the famous "Skyscraper" ident.
  • 14 March – Australian documentary series Foreign Correspondent debuts on the ABC.
  • 20 March – The Nine Network takes over the Rugby League rights from Network Ten, which they continue to broadcast to the present day.
  • 30 April – Series final of the Australian police drama series Phoenix airs on ABC.
  • 4 May – Australian children's TV series Skippy the Bush Kangaroo returns to Australian television screens with a short-lived reboot called The Adventures of Skippy. This series focused on Sonny Hammond who is now an adult having followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a ranger at a wildlife park and having his own family and Skippy as a pet kangaroo.
  • 8 May – Australian children's educational TV series Lift Off debuts on ABC at 2:00 pm every Friday. It later aired weekdays at 4:30 pm on 29 June and on Saturdays at 6:00 pm on 19 September.
  • 14 May – A new Australian travel and lifestyle television program Getaway begins its first screening on Nine Network becoming one of the longest running series on Australian television.
  • 18 May – Australian soap opera Neighbours debuts a new set of opening titles and a new theme song performed by Greg Hind.
  • 8 June – Australian teen game show Vidiot presented by Eden Gaha debuts on ABC.
  • 13 July - Teenager Todd Landers (Kristian Schimid) is killed by an oncoming van in his final episode of Neighbours.
  • 18 July – Australian comedy series The Late Show starring The D-Generation starts airing on the ABC running for two seasons.
  • 20 July – ABC debuts children's TV series Bananas in Pyjamas.
  • 4 September – Kerry Packer and the Nine Network pull the plug on Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos midway through the show.
  • 6 November – Final episode of the Australian children's game show Big Square Eye airs on the ABC. The series will be shown one last time the next year at 6:00 pm.
  • 26 November – Accident-prone comedy sketch show Fast forward airs its final episode on Seven Network. It returns in 1993 with the rebranded name Full Frontal, which is the same as FF. Fast Forward continued specials in 1993 and 1994.
  • 21 December – Network Ten debuts a new weekday morning program for children called The Big Breakfast.
  • 22 December – Seven Network airs the 1992 Midori Australian Dancesport Championships at 9:30 pm.


Program Channel Debut date
Real Life Seven Network 20 January
The Morning Show Network Ten 20 January
The Fremantle Conspiracy Seven Network 26 January
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Network Ten 3 February
The World at Noon ABC TV 3 February
Supermarket Sweep Nine Network 10 February
Phoenix ABC TV 13 February
Consuming Passions ABC TV 15 February
Saturday at Rick's Nine Network 22 February
Order in the House ABC TV 29 February
Sylvania Waters ABC TV 7 March
Foreign Correspondent ABC TV 14 March
Sex Nine Network 19 March
Friday Night Football Nine Network 20 March
Sunday Football Nine Network 22 March
Ferry Boat Fred ABC TV 30 March
Good Vibrations Seven Network 22 April
All in a Day's Work ABC TV 2 May
The Adventures of Skippy Nine Network 4 May
Lift Off ABC TV 8 May
Getaway Nine Network 14 May
A Dog's Life ABC TV 29 May
Vidiot ABC TV 8 June
Nightline Nine Network 24 June
Tracks of Glory Seven Network 5 July
Totally Wild Network Ten 12 July
The Late Show ABC TV 18 July
Bananas in Pyjamas (1992) ABC TV 20 July
Bony Seven Network 15 August
Mind Twist Network Ten 22 August
Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos Nine Network 4 September
My Two Wives Nine Network 8 September
Meet the Press Network Ten 25 October
Bingles Network Ten 5 December
The Big Breakfast Network Ten 21 December
Peter Combe's Christmas Under the Stars ABC TV 25 December

International programmingEdit

Program Channel Debut date
  Dragnet Today Network Ten 1 January
  The Secret Cabaret SBS TV 2 January
  Dr. Krankenstein SBS TV 2 January
 / /  Clowning Around Seven Network 5 January
  Studs Network Ten 6 January
  Discovering Psychology SBS TV 6 January
  Hammer, Slammer and Slade Seven Network 12 January
  The Treaty ABC TV 15 January
  Mad Scientist Seven Network 18 January
  Night of the Red Hunter ABC TV 20 January
  Cop Rock Network Ten 23 January
  Little Golden Book Land Seven Network 24 January
  WIOU Network Ten 24 January
 /  A Galactic Odyssey Nine Network 26 January
  Two by Two ABC TV 28 January
  Birds of a Feather Seven Network 30 January
  The Generation Game Seven Network 1 February
  Dinosaurs Seven Network 2 February
  Inside Edition Network Ten 4 February
  Oceans of Wealth SBS TV 10 February
  Home Improvement Seven Network 12 February
  Freddy's Nightmares Seven Network 13 February
  Bicycle SBS TV 18 February
  Toxic Crusaders Seven Network 21 February
  Pim SBS TV 22 February
  The Magic Library ABC TV 25 February
  Zardip's Search for Healthy Wellness ABC TV 26 February
  Take a Look ABC TV 26 February
  Look Up ABC TV 26 February
  The Family Man (1990) Seven Network 26 February
  A Pup Named Scooby-Doo Seven Network 3 March
  Portrait of a Marriage ABC TV 8 March
  Gophers! Network Ten 8 March
 / /  The Other Side of Paradise Network Ten 8 March
  Secret of the Sahara ABC TV 19 March
  Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit ABC TV 5 April
  Gabriel's Fire Seven Network 8 April
  Girls on Top ABC TV 13 April
  Life Goes On Nine Network 19 April
  Katts and Dog Nine Network 21 April
 /  Heroes II: The Return Network Ten 27 April
  My Little Pony 'n Friends Nine Network 2 May
 /  Beetlejuice Nine Network 2 May
  Nellie the Elephant ABC TV 4 May
  The Darling Buds of May Seven Network 8 May
  Small World ABC TV 11 May
  Brother Felix and the Virgin Saint ABC TV 17 May
  The Cloning of Joanna May Seven Network 18 May
  Working Girl Network Ten 18 May
  Keeping Up Appearances ABC TV 18 May
  Yo Yogi! Seven Network 22 May
  The Brollys ABC TV 25 May
  This is David Harper SBS TV 26 May
  Teach 109 SBS TV 28 May
  Passengers SBS TV 28 May
  Return to the Magic Library ABC TV 2 June
  Sticky Moments ABC TV 5 June
  Uncle Buck Network Ten 7 June
  Beadle's About Network Ten 9 June
  Forget Me Not Farm ABC TV 11 June
  Tropical Heat Network Ten 12 June
  Best of the Worst Seven Network 13 June
  Herman's Head Seven Network 25 June
  Murder Squad ABC TV 25 June
  Coming of Age Network Ten 29 June
  The Red Green Show SBS TV 30 June
 /  The Boy from Andromeda Seven Network 4 July
 /  Widget ABC TV 6 July
  Harry and the Hendersons ABC TV 6 July
 /  The Leaving of Liverpool ABC TV 8 July
  Titmuss Regained ABC TV 12 July
  One of the Boys (1989) Seven Network 13 July
  Watt on Earth ABC TV 19 July
  Nature Watch Digest ABC TV 20 July
  Tales from the Blue Crystal ABC TV 30 July
  The Ginger Tree ABC TV 2 August
  Wipe Out ABC TV 6 August
  The Torkelsons Seven Network 10 August
  Central Brigade SBS TV 12 August
  Nightmare Cafe Seven Network 12 August
  New Guinea: An Island Apart ABC TV 16 August
  Step by Step Seven Network 16 August
  The Acme School of Stuff ABC TV 21 August
  Shadow of the Noose ABC TV 24 August
  Pacific Station Seven Network 25 August
  Classic Cars SBS TV 25 August
  Coach Network Ten 28 August
  Parnell and the Englishwoman ABC TV 30 August
  Bangers and Mash ABC TV 31 August
  A Bit of Fry and Laurie ABC TV 31 August
  On the Up ABC TV 7 September
  Harris and Company Network Ten 8 September
  Worlds Beyond ABC TV 13 September
  And the Sea Will Tell Nine Network 13 September
  Windfalls ABC TV 14 September
  Yellowthread Street Seven Network 15 September
  Close to Home (1989) Seven Network 17 September
 /  Columbus and the Age of Discovery SBS TV 20 September
  Walter & Emily Seven Network 23 September
  Pyjamas for Three SBS TV 1 October
  Gruey ABC TV 2 October
 /  Frankie's House ABC TV 7 October
  Raven Nine Network 13 October
  Making a Stand SBS TV 18 October
  Kir Royal – Aus dem Leben eines Klatschreporters SBS TV 30 October
  Amerika Nine Network 2 November
  Cruel Doubt Seven Network 15 November
  Morton & Hayes Nine Network 18 November
  Mother Love ABC TV 23 November
  The Power and the Glory Nine Network 29 November
  The Sharp End ABC TV 1 December
  The Commish Nine Network 3 December
  Nurses Seven Network 6 December
  The Brittas Empire ABC TV 7 December
  Streets Apart ABC TV 7 December
  Northern Exposure Network Ten 10 December
  Covington Cross Network Ten 12 December
  May to December ABC TV 12 December
  Granpa ABC TV 13 December
  The Trials of Rosie O'Neill Nine Network 21 December
  The BFG ABC TV 25 December
  The Woman Who Raised a Bear as Her Son SBS TV 25 December
  Father Christmas ABC TV 25 December
  Samurai Pizza Cats Seven Network 1992
  The Legend of Prince Valiant Seven Network 1992
  Garfield and Friends Network Ten 1992
  Bob in a Bottle Seven Network 1992

Changes to network affiliationEdit

This is a list of programs which made their premiere on an Australian television network that had previously premiered on another Australian television network. The networks involved in the switch of allegiances are predominantly both free-to-air networks or both subscription television networks. Programs that have their free-to-air/subscription television premiere, after previously premiering on the opposite platform (free-to air to subscription/subscription to free-to air) are not included. In some cases, programs may still air on the original television network. This occurs predominantly with programs shared between subscription television networks.


Program New network(s) Previous network(s) Date
 / /  Clowning Around ABC TV Seven Network 20 December

Television showsEdit


Seven Network

Nine Network

Network Ten

Ending this yearEdit

Date Show Channel Debut
7 February The Bugs Bunny Show Channel Nine 1990
3 April Chances Channel Nine 1991
23 April Good Vibrations Seven Network 22 April 1992
1 May Ferry Boat Fred ABC 30 March 1992
4 May Heroes II: The Return Channel Ten 27 April 1992
1 June DAAS Kapital ABC 1991
28 June Sylvania Waters ABC 7 March 1992
6 July Tracks of Glory Channel Seven 5 July 1992
20 August Embassy ABC 1990
4 September Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos Nine Network 4 September 1992
17 October Double Dare Channel Ten 1989
6 November Big Square Eye ABC 1991
4 November Acropolis Now Channel Seven 1989
26 November Fast forward Channel Seven 1989
4 December The Miraculous Mellops Channel Ten 1991
5 December Kelly Channel Ten 1991
13 December Finders Keepers ABC 1991
18 December Good Morning Australia Network Ten 1981
19 December Bony Seven Network 15 August 1992

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