1967 North Korean parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in North Korea on 25 November 1967. Only one candidate was presented in each constituency, all of which were selected by the Workers' Party of Korea, although some ran under the banner of other parties or state organisations to give the illusion of democracy.[1] Voter turnout was reported to be 100%, with 100% voting in favour of the candidates presented.[2]

1967 North Korean parliamentary election

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All 457 seats to the Supreme People's Assembly
  First party
  Kim Il Sung Portrait-2.jpg
Leader Kim Il-sung
Party Workers' Party
Alliance Fatherland Front
Leader's seat 403rd Songrim
Seats won
288 / 457
Seat change Decrease 83

Premier before election

Kim Il-sung
Workers' Party

Elected Premier

Kim Il-sung
Workers' Party

For the first time, the representative of Korean residents in Japan were elected as deputies. The first session (14–16 December 1967) finished with the declaration "Let Us Embody More Thoroughly Revolutionary Spirit of Independence, Self-Sustenance, and Self-Defense in All Fields of State Activity".

Significance of the leader's seatEdit

In his speech after his win in the Songrim constituency, he pointed out the area's importance as a major base for the proletariat class and a place where Hwanghae Steel Mill, one of the country's major steel mills, is located.[3]


Alliance Party Votes % Seats
Democratic Front
for the Reunification
of the Fatherland
Workers' Party of Korea 100 288
General Association of Korean Residents in Japan 7
Chondoist Chongu Party 4
Korean Democratic Party 1
Buddhist Alliance 1
Other parties 156
Total 100 457
Registered voters/turnout 100
Source: Nohlen et al.


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