1927 National Challenge Cup

The 1927 National Challenge Cup was the annual open cup held by the United States Football Association now known as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.

Eastern DivisionEdit

First roundSecond roundSemi-finalsFinal
March 27 - Tiverton
Fall River Marksmen3
April 3 - Tiverton
New Bedford Whalers2
Fall River Marksmen5
March 26 - Boston
Fore River0
Boston Soccer Club2
April 17 - Tiverton
Fore River3
Fall River Marksmen3
March 27/April 2
Providence FC2
Providence FC3-3
April 9 - Providence
J&P Coats3-2
Providence FC7
March 27 - Buffalo
Whittal F.C.1
Hungarian F.C.0
April 24 - Providence
Whittal F.C.5
Fall River Marksmen2
March 27 - New York
Bethlehem Steel1
Indiana Flooring3
April 9 - New York
New York Giants1
Indiana Flooring1
March 19 - Brooklyn
Newark Skeeters2
Brooklyn Wanderers1
April 10 - Brooklyn
Newark Skeeters2
Newark Skeeters0
March 27 - Trenton
Bethlehem Steel1
Trenton F.C.2
April 3 - Trenton
Viking F.C.1
Trenton F.C.0
March 26 - Philadelphia
Bethlehem Steel6
Philadelphia Field Club1
Bethlehem Steel3

Western DivisionEdit

First roundSecond roundSemi-finalsFinal
February 20 - St. Louis
Ben Millers5
March 13 - St. Louis
Pants Store F.C.4
Ben Millers4
February 27 - St. Louis
April 3, 10
Johnston City AFC1
Ben Millers2-0
February 27 - Chicago
Sparta ABA2-1
Sparta ABA3
March 20 - Chicago
Thistles F.C.0
Sparta ABA2
February 27 - Chicago
April 18 - Chicago
White Banner Malt0
Sparta ABA1
February 27 - Detroit
Holley Carburetor2
Holley Carburetor2
March 20 - Detroit
Canadian Club1
Holley Carburetor3
February 27- Chicago
Buda AA2
Pullman F.C.0
April 3 - Detroit
Buda AA4
Holley Carburetor4
February 27 - Cleveland
March 27 - Cleveland
Magyar-American F.C.2
February 27- Wooster
Clan MacKenzie0
Clan MacKenzie4
Lorain Eagles0


Holley Carburetor (MI)0–7 (0–2)Fall River Marksmen (MA)
Report[1] White   (2 goals)
McEachran   (2 goals)
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Charles Creighton (NY / USA)
Linesmen: D. Evans, W. Ferguson


The finalists played as follows:[2]

Holley Fall River
Dick G Tom Blair
Boath LB Dave Gibson
Hayston RB Charlie McGill
Stewart LHB Hugh Coyle
Dalrymple CHB Bob Wilson
Gallagher RHB Bill McPherson
Love OL Dave McEachran
Rutherford IL Jimmy Kelly
Gerrit Visser CF Harold Brittan (C)
Connally (C) IR James "Tec" White
Forrester OR Dougie Campbell


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