Pawtucket Rangers

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J. & P. Coats was an American soccer club founded in 1900 as the team of the Pawtucket, Rhode Island branch of the J. & P. Coats threadmaking company of Paisley, Scotland (following a 1952 merger this firm became part of the Coats Group).

The club played won the Rhode Island League in 1914 then was an inaugural member of the semi-pro Southern New England Soccer League. The club then joined the professional American Soccer League as an inaugural member.

After the first half of the 1928/29 season, the team ran into financial trouble and was bought by new management. The new owners renamed the team the Pawtucket Rangers.

The club left the original ASL sometime after the 1932 fall season and joined the New England Division of the new ASL that was formed in 1933/34.

The team won the Times Cup in 1919.


Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs National Cup
1913/14 N/A RIL 1st Champion Did not enter
1914/15 N/A SNESL 3rd No playoff Semifinals
1915/16 N/A SNESL Schedule not finished Second round
1916/17 N/A SNESL 3rd No playoff First round
1917/18 N/A SNESL 1st Champion (no playoff) Second round
1918/19 N/A SNESL Season cancelled due to WWI Third round
1919/20 N/A SNESL ? ? Third round
1920/21 N/A SNESL 3rd No playoff First round
1921/22 1 ASL 2nd No playoff Fourth round
1922/23 1 ASL 1st Champion (no playoff) Semifinals
1923/24 1 ASL 4th No playoff First round
1924/25 1 ASL 7th No playoff Did not enter
1925/26 1 ASL 8th No playoff Semifinals
1926/27 1 ASL 9th No playoff First round
1927/28 1 ASL 8th (1st half); 9th (2nd half) Did not qualify Semifinals
1928/29 N/A ASL 8th (1st half); 3rd (2nd half) No playoff ?
Fall 1929 N/A ASL 5th No playoff N/A
1930 N/A ACL/ASL 6th (Spring); 9th (Fall) No playoff Quarterfinals
1931 N/A ASL 4th (Spring); 3rd (Fall) No playoff First round
Spring 1932 N/A ASL 4th? No playoff Second round
Fall 1932 N/A ASL 2nd No playoff N/A
Spring 1933 N/A ? ? ? Semifinals