New Bedford Whalers was the name of three American soccer teams based in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The first Whalers played in the Southern New England Soccer League between 1914 and 1918. The second Whalers played in the American Soccer League between 1924 and 1931 before merging into Fall River F.C. The third Whalers were then formed when Fall River merged with New York Yankees. They played in the ASL between 1931 and 1932.

New Bedford Whalers
Full nameNew Bedford Whalers
ChairmanUnited States Sam Mark: 1931–1932
LeagueSNESL: 1914–1918
American Soccer League: 1924–1932
International Soccer League: 1926
Eastern Soccer League: 1929

New Bedford Whalers I edit

Founded in September 1913, the first Whalers originally played as New Bedford F.C. and played in the Southern New England Soccer League between 1914 and 1918. Immediately after their founding, they entered the 1913–14 National Challenge Cup. They went to the semifinals, falling to eventual champions, Brooklyn Field Club. They first played used the Whalers name in 1915. This team finished as league champions in both 1915 and 1917. Other teams in the league included Fall River Rovers.[1] Of the five men who founded the club, John Fernley later became the president of the USFA and is in the National Soccer Hall of Fame. New Bedford was noted as having three full kits, a home, away and third kit.[2]

New Bedford Whalers II edit

In 1924 a second New Bedford Whalers, formed by former members of Fall River Rovers, joined the American Soccer League.[3] In both 1926 and 1928 they finished as runners-up in the league and quickly developed a rivalry with Fall River F.C.[4] In 1926 the second Whalers won their only major trophy when they defeated New York Giants 5–4 in a two-game series to win the Lewis Cup. 1926 also saw the Whalers play in the one-off 1926 International Soccer League season which featured teams from both the United States and Canada.[5] In 1929 the ASL and the US Football Association became involved in a power struggle, sometimes referred to as the Soccer Wars. This resulted in the emergence of a rival Eastern Soccer League, organized by the USFA. The Whalers began the year in the ASL but subsequently joined the ESL. However, after just 8 games they rejoined the ASL.[6] On their return they finished as ASL runners-up in both the Spring 1930 and Fall 1930 seasons. However the Great Depression severely effected the teams support and they failed to complete the Spring 1931 season. On April 19, 1931 they merged into Fall River F.C.[7]

New Bedford Whalers III edit

The third Whalers were actually a successor club of Fall River F.C. Like the second Whalers, the 'Marksmen' had also suffered because of the Great Depression and for the Spring 1931 season their owner, Sam Mark, relocated them to New York where they merged with New York Soccer Club, previously known as the New York Giants, and became the New York Yankees. However the relocation to New York was not a financial success and for the Fall 1931 season, Mark relocated his team again. This time they merged with Fall River F.C. and revived the New Bedford Whalers name. The third Whalers were the American Soccer League champions for the Fall 1931 and Spring 1932 seasons and won the 1932 National Challenge Cup but then folded during the Fall 1932 season [4][8][9]

Year-by-year edit

Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs National Challenge Cup
1914–15 N/A SNESL Champion No playoff Last 16
1915–16 N/A SNESL ? No playoff Quarter finals
1916–17 N/A SNESL Champion No playoff Last 32
1917–18 N/A SNESL ? No playoff First round
1924–25 1 ASL 5th No playoff did not enter
1925–26 1 ASL 2nd No playoff Second round
1926 N/A ISL 3rd No playoff N/A
1926–27 1 ASL 4th No playoff' Quarterfinals
1927–28 1 ASL 3rd (1st half); 1st (2nd half) Final First round
1928–29 N/A ASL 5th (1st half); 8th (2nd half) N/A N/A
1928–29 1 ESL 6th No playoff N/A
Spring 1930 1 ACL/ASL 2nd No playoff Second round
Fall 1930 1 ASL 2nd No playoff ?
Spring 1931 1 ASL 8th N/A First round
Fall 1931 1 ASL 2nd Final N/A
Spring 1932 1 ASL Champion No playoff Winners
Fall 1932 1 ASL 8th No playoff N/A

Former managers edit

Honors edit

New Bedford Whalers I

New Bedford Whalers II

New Bedford Whalers III

References edit

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