16th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 16th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between 1840 and 1843. The assembly was dissolved on October 26, 1843.

The assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of Nova Scotia, Lucius Bentinck Cary.

Joseph Howe was chosen as speaker for the house.

List of members

Electoral District Name
Annapolis County Samuel B. Chipman
County of Cape Breton James Boyle Uniacke
Colchester County Samuel G. W. Archibald[1]

Thomas Dickson (1842)

Cumberland County Gaius Lewis
Stephen Fulton
Digby County James B. Holdsworth
Guysborough County William F. DesBarres
John J. Marshall
Halifax County Joseph Howe
William Annand
Hants County Benjamin Smith
George McKay
Inverness County William Young
James Turnbull
Kings County Thomas Andrew Strange DeWolf
Samuel Chipman
Lunenburg County John Creighton
Edward Zwicker
Pictou County John Holmes
Henry Blackadar
Queens County James R. DeWolf
Samuel P. Fairbanks
Richmond County James McKeagney[2]

William C. Delaney (1842)

Shelburne County Gilbert McKenna
Sydney County Richard J. Forrestall
William A. Henry
Yarmouth County Herbert Huntington
Township of Halifax James McNab
Thomas Forrester[3]

William Stairs (1841)

Township of Lunenburg John Heckman
Township of Liverpool William B. Taylor
Township of Shelburne Peter Spearwater, Jr.
Township of Barrington John W. Homer
Township of Yarmouth Reuben Clements
Township of Argyle John Ryder
Township of Digby Charles Budd
Township of Clare Anselme F. Comeau
Township of Annapolis Henry Gates
Township of Granville Stephen S. Thorne
Township of Horton William Johnson
Township of Cornwallis Mayhew Beckwith
Township of Amherst Robert McGowan Dickie
Township of Pictou Henry Hatton
Township of Londonderry Gloud W. McLelan
Town of Truro Alexander L. Archibald
Town of Onslow Alexander M. Upham[3]

John Crowe (1842)

Township of Windsor Henry Goudge[3]

Henry Palmer (1842)

Township of Newport Ichabod Dimock
Township of Falmouth Lewis J. Payzant
Township of Sydney Edmund Murray Dodd
Township of Arichat Henry Martell


  1. ^ named master of the rolls
  2. ^ election appealed
  3. ^ a b c died in 1841


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