1571 in Sweden

Events from the year 1571 in Sweden

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Laurentius Petri (Nericius), Archbishop of Uppsala, SBH



  • 16 march - The Russian Siege of Reval in Swedish Estonia ends.
  • march - Swedish victory over the Russians in the Battle of Ubagall.
  • August - The deposed monarch and his family is taken to Åland.
  • October - The deposed monarch and his family is taken to Gripsholm Castle.
  • - A tax is introduced in order to pay the Danish ransom of Älvsborg.
  • - The church order of Laurentius Petri is finally accepted.
  • - The education system is officially transferred to the Lutheran Church from the former Catholic church.
  • - The creation of the Swedish Church Ordinance 1571, the first complete order of the Protestant Swedish church. The church ordinance also includes a chapter about schooling, in which all children in the cities, regardless of sex, are to be given elementary schooling.[1]
  • - The ban from 1560 is retracted and the church are permitted to baptize, marry and bury the Romani.[2]
  • - The church ordinance declare that a son or son-in-law of a priest should be chosen first to succeed him as parish vicar.[3]




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