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The 11th Parliament of Upper Canada was opened on 7 January 1831. Elections in Upper Canada had been held in October 1830, and all sessions were held at York, then later at Toronto. This parliament was dissolved on 1 September 1834.

The House of Assembly had four sessions, from 7 January 1831 to 6 March 1834.[1]

Both the House and Parliament sat at the old York Court House on King Street until 1832 and moved to the third Parliament Buildings of Upper Canada for the remaining session.

Sessions[1] Start End
1st 7 January 1831 16 March 1831
2nd 17 November 1831 13 February 1832
3rd 31 October 1832 13 February 1833
4th 19 November 1833 6 March 1834
Riding Member[2]
Brockville Henry Jones
Carleton John Bower Lewis
Carleton [3] Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey [4]
George Lyon
Dundas Peter Shaver
Dundas John Cook
Durham George Strange Boulton
Durham John Brown
Essex William Elliott
Essex Jean-Baptiste Maçon
Frontenac Hugh Christopher Thomson
Frontenac John Campbell
Glengarry Alexander McMartin
Glengarry Alexander Fraser
Grenville Richard Duncan Fraser
Grenville Edward Jessup III [5]
Hiram Norton
Haldimand John Brant [6]
John Warren [7]
William Hamilton Merritt (Nov 1832)
Halton William Chisholm
Halton James Crooks [8]
Absalom Shade (Apr 1831)
Hastings Reuben White
Hastings James Hunter Samson
Kent William Bent Berczy
Kingston Christopher Alexander Hagerman
Lanark William Morris
Lanark [9] Donald Fraser [10]
Leeds William Buell, Jr.
Leeds Matthew Munsel Howard
Lennox & Addington Marshall Spring Bidwell
Lennox & Addington Peter Perry
1st Lincoln County John Clarke
2nd & 3rd Lincoln William Crooks
2nd & 3rd Lincoln Bartholomew Crannell Beardsley
4th Lincoln Robert Randal
Middlesex Mahlon Burwell
Middlesex Russell Mount [11]
Niagara (town) Henry John Boulton
Norfolk Duncan McCall [12]
Colin McNeilledge (Jan 1833)
Norfolk William Wilson
Northumberland Archibald Macdonald
Northumberland James Lyons
Oxford Charles Fortescue Ingersoll [13]
Thomas Hornor (Nov 1832)
Oxford Charles Duncombe
Prescott & Russell Donald Macdonell
Prince Edward Asa Werden [14]
Prince Edward John Philip Roblin
Simcoe William Benjamin Robinson
Stormont Archibald McLean - Speaker 1831-1834
Stormont Philip VanKoughnet
Wentworth John Willson
Wentworth Allan MacNab
York (town) William Botsford Jarvis
York William Lyon Mackenzie
York Jesse Ketchum

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Preceded by
10th Parliament of Upper Canada
Parliaments in Upper Canada
Succeeded by
12th Parliament of Upper Canada


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