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.tw is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Taiwan (Republic of China). The domain name is based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code TW. The registry is maintained by TWNIC, a Taiwanese non-profit organization appointed by the National Communications Commission (NCC) and the Ministry of Transportation and Communication. Since 1 March 2001, TWNIC has stopped allowing itself to sign up new domain names directly, instead allowing new registration through its contracted reseller registrars.

TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
Intended useEntities connected with Taiwan
Actual usePopular in Taiwan
Registration restrictionsRequirements vary depending on which second-level name registration is within; foreigners allowed in several categories
StructureRegistrations are at second level or at third level beneath some second-level labels
DocumentsGuidelines for administration of domain name registration
Dispute policiesTaiwan Network Information Center Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
Registry websiteTWNIC;

The current reseller registrars are as follows: Chunghwa Telecom, Chunghwa Int'l Communication Network Co., Ltd., FarEasTone, Taiwan Mobile, Asia Pacific Telecom, PC Home, Net-Chinese, TISNet, IP Mirror, Webnic, Neulevel.


Registering .tw website domainsEdit

Internationalized ccTLDsEdit

ICANN assigned two Internationalized country code top-level domains (IDN ccTLDs) for Taiwan on 25 June 2010:[1]

No registrations under these domain have been conducted as of August 2010.

Second-Level DomainsEdit

Registrations under .tw are possible in second-level space or under various domains as third-level domains:

  • for educational and academic institutions
  • for agencies of the Government of the Republic of China, operated by Taiwan
  • for the Republic of China Armed Forces, operated by Taiwan
  • for companies or firms (Taiwanese or foreign) registered under the laws of their country
  • for network or telecommunications license holders
  • for non-profit organizations (Taiwanese or foreign) established according to the laws of their country
  • for individuals (must verify their identity by e-mail)
  • unrestricted (but registrant must verify their identity by email)
  • unrestricted (but registrant must verify their identity by email)
  • unrestricted (but registrant must verify their identity by email)
  • tw: unrestricted

Domain names in Chinese characters may also be registered at the second level. Furthermore, any registrant of a standard domain name who has chosen a domestic registrar may automatically get two more domain names in Chinese characters in the following second-level domains: 網路.tw, 組織.tw and 商業.tw. These second-level domains correspond to, and, respectively.


As of March 2017, around 8.31% of the .tw domains are served via secured HTTPS protocol, with the cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority being the most popular SSL certificate.[2] Apache is the most popular web server, serving 47.60% of the .tw domains, followed by Microsoft-IIS serving 20.31% of the total .tw domains.[2]

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