Zhu Changqing

Zhu Changqing (Chinese: 朱常清; died 1649), Prince of Huai, was claimed to be emperor of the Southern Ming dynasty; his regime name was Dongwu (東武). The Dongwu Emperor reigned for one year from 1648 to 1649.

Zhu Changqing, Prince of Huai
Emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty
Reign1648 - 1649
PredecessorShaowu Emperor
SuccessorYongli Emperor
Full name
Family name: Zhu (朱)
Given name: Changqing (常清)
Era name and dates
Dongwu (東武): 1648 - 1649
HouseSouthern Ming Dynasty
FatherZhu Yiju


Dongwu got full support from Koxinga (Zheng Chenggong), a famous and powerful warlord during that time. Dongwu's & Koxinga's power was based on Guandong and Fujian province.


Dongwu died in 1649 and was succeeded by Prince of Gui with the era name Yongli Emperor. According to the history book, he has no temple name.[1]


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Zhu Changqing
Born: - -
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shaowu Emperor
Emperor of the Southern Ming
Succeeded by
Yongli Emperor