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Zhao Yingqi (Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhào Yīngqí; Jyutping: Zīu6 Ying1cei4; Vietnamese: Triệu Anh Tề, ? – 115 BC) was the son of Zhao Mo and the third ruler of the kingdom of Nanyue (Vietnamese: Nam Việt). His rule began in 122 BC and ended with his death in 115 BC.

Zhào Yīngqí
King of Nam Việt
Reign122–115 BC
PredecessorZhao Mo
SuccessorZhao Xing
Full name
Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhào Yīngqí; Vietnamese: Triệu Anh Tề;
Temple name
Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhào Míng Wáng; Vietnamese: Triệu Minh Vương

After the Han dynasty aided Nanyue in fending off an invasion by Minyue, Zhao Mo sent his son Yingqi to the Han court, where he joined the emperor’s guard (宿衛, Sù wèi). Zhao Yingqi married a Han Chinese woman from the Jiu (樛氏) family of Handan, who gave birth to his second son, Zhao Xing. Yingqi behaved without any scruples and committed murder on several occasions. When his father died in 122 BC, he refused to visit the Han emperor to ask for his leave due to fearing that he would be arrested and punished for his behavior. Yingqi died in 115 BC and was succeeded by his second son, Zhao Xing, rather than the eldest, Zhao Jiande.[1]



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Zhao Yingqi
 Died: 115 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Zhào Mò
(Triệu Mạt)
King of Nanyue
122 BC – 115 BC
Succeeded by
Zhào Xīng
(Triệu Hưng)