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Zhang Wei (simplified Chinese: 张炜; traditional Chinese: 張煒; pinyin: Zhāng Wěi; born November 1955) is a Chinese author. He was born in China's northern province of Shandong. He graduated from the Chinese Department at Yantai Normal College in 1980. Three years later, he became a member of China Writers Association, an organization for which he has served as chairman and deputy chairman of the Shandong branch. He is best known for his novels The Ancient Ship and September's Fable. In 2011 Zhang won the Mao Dun Literature Prize, the highest national literary award, for On the Plateau, a 10-volume work that took a decade to write.[1][2]

Zhang Wei
Native name 张炜
Born November 1955 (age 62)
Longkou, Shandong, China
Occupation Novelist
Language Chinese
Residence Jinan
Alma mater Shandong Normal University
Period 1982 - present
Genre Novel
Notable works The Ancient Ship
Notable awards 8th Mao Dun Literary Prize
2011 The Ancient Ship


  • The Ancient Ship (《古船》)
  • September's Fable (《九月寓言》)
  • On the Plateau (《你在高原》)


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