The ZIL-157 is a general-purpose 2+12-ton 6×6 truck, produced at the Lichachev plant in the Soviet Union from 1958 to 1977, when production was transferred to the Amur plant, since the Lichachev plant wanted to focus more on modern trucks, such as the ZIL-131 truck. Nevertheless, production of the ZIL-157 trucks continued even after the fall of the Soviet Union, but eventually ended in 1994.

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Production1958-1961 (mod. ЗИЛ-157)
1962-1978 (mod. ЗИЛ-157К)
1978-1994 (mod. ЗИЛ-157КД)
AssemblyRussia: Moscow
Body and chassis
Layoutfront engine, 6×6
Engine5.55 L ZIL-157, 104 hp (78 kW) l6
Transmission5-speed manual
Wheelbase3,665 + 1,120 mm (144.3 + 44.1 in)
Length6.93 m (22 ft 9 in)
Width2.32 m (7 ft 7 in)
Height2.74 m (9 ft 0 in)
Curb weight5,540 kg (12,214 lb)
ZIL-157 on Naissaar island, Estonia


The ZIL-157 started being produced in 1958, based on the ZIL-164 truck, as a replacement for the ZIS-151 that was based on the ZIS-150 truck, which was based on the International KR-11 trucks.

The ZIL-157 truck, like its many predecessors, was mostly intended for use by the Red Army,[1] but it was also popular with forestry companies,[1] and was thus also used as a log truck, specifically the ZIL-157V semi-truck version. In 1977 the production of the truck was moved to Novouralsk by the UamZ company.[1] The Lichachev plant likely did the move in order to focus their main production efforts on more modern trucks in the same class, such as the ZIL-131 truck.

The UamZ company continued producing the truck even after the fall of the Soviet Union until 1994.

Around 797,934 trucks were produced by the Lichachev plant and a further 160,000 in the UamZ plant.[1] The truck was also produced in China as the Jiefang CA30 until 1986.


  • ZIL-157 (ЗИЛ-157) - cargo truck, produced 1958 - 1961[2]
  • ZIL-157E - As ZIL-157, but with no cargo platform, two fuel tanks, and no spare wheel bracket.
  • ZIL-157G - As ZIL-157, but with shielded electrical equipment.
  • ZIL-157K (ЗИЛ-157К) - cargo truck, produced 1962 - 1978.[2] Modernized version of ZIL-157.
  • ZIL-157KV (ЗИЛ-157КВ) - tractor unit, produced 1962 - 1978.[3] Modernized version of ZIL-157V.
  • ZIL-157KD (ЗИЛ-157КД)[4] - 5-ton cargo truck, produced since 1978.[2] Modernized version of ZIL-157K.
  • ZIL-157KDV (ЗИЛ-157КДВ) - tractor unit, produced since 1978.[3] Modernized version of ZIL-157KV.
  • ZIL-157L - Prototype power-steering version of ZIL-157. Produced in 1958, cancelled due to front suspension and steering malfunctions.
  • ZIL-157V - Tractor-trailer version. Produced 1958 - 1961.
  • ZIL-165 - Prototype for ZIL-131. Produced in 1958.
  • KMM (колёсный механизированный мост КММ) - Soviet military bridgelayer on ZIL-157 chassis[5]


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