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Yelü Yilie (Chinese: 耶律夷列), otherwise known by his temple name Emperor Renzong of Liao (Chinese: 遼仁宗), was the second emperor of the Qara Khitai (also known as Western Liao), ruling from 1150 to 1163.

Yelü Yilie
Emperor of Western Liao dynasty
PredecessorXiao Tabuyan (as regent)
SuccessorYelü Pusuwan (as regent)
Born1134 (1134)
Died1163 (aged 28–29)
IssueYelü Zhilugu
Era dates
Shaoxing (紹興 Shàoxīng) or Xuxing (Xùxīng 續興) 1150–1163
Temple name
Renzong (仁宗 Rénzōng)
FatherYelü Dashi
MotherXiao Tabuyan


He was too young to succeed as emperor when Yelü Dashi died in 1143. Not much is known about his reign.

History of Liao states he changed his era name to Shaoxing in 1151, however recent coins unearthed in Central Asia might prove it was a scribal mistake.[1] During his reign, there was a census conducted, which turned out 84,500 households in the empire.[2] Although it may also be the number of adult men who could serve in the army.[3]

In 1156, he tried to establish peace with the Jin dynasty unsuccessfully.[4] The same year Karluks under Ayyar Beg revolted against Western Karakhanid ruler Ibrahim III and killed him. Yelü Yilied appointed Ali b. Hasan as Chaghrï Khan to Samarqand. Chagri marched on Ayyar Beg with reinforcements from Qara Khitai and eastern Karakhanid Ibrahim II[5] (who was created Ilig Türkmen by Yelü Dashi[6]). Ibrahim's forces killed Ayyar Beg and Chaghri Khan was reinstated on his throne.

In 1158 Yelü Yilie ordered expulsion of Karluks from Bukhara and Samarqand to Kashgar and charged Chaghri to deal with matter. Purged Karluks went to Khwarazmshah Il-Arslan to ask for help. Chaghri just had reinforcements from new East Karakhanid ruler Muhammed II consisting of 10,000 men, while Karluks marched on Bukhara with Khwarazmi help. The same year Chaghri died and was replaced by Masud II who appeared before Bukhara and defeated Karluks.

The same year Yelü Yilie died and since his son Yelü Zhilugu was too young, Yelü Pusuwan stepped up as his regent.


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Yelü Yilie
House of Yelü (1150–1163)
Born: 1134 Died: 1163
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Empress Gantian
Emperor of the Liao Dynasty
Succeeded by
Empress Dowager Chengtian
as Regent of Emperor of the Liao Dynasty
Gurkhan of Qara Khitai
Succeeded by
Empress Dowager Chengtian