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Yahya ibn Idris ibn Umar (Arabic: يحيى بن إدريس بن عمر‎) was the ninth Idrisid ruler and sultan of Morocco. He took over after Yahya III in 904 and died in 917 when the Fatimids invaded Morocco.[1]

Yahya IV
يحيى الرابع
Sultan of Morocco
PredecessorYahia III ibn Al-Qassim
SuccessorPosition abolished (Sultanate annexed to the Fatimid empire)
Full name
Yahya ibn Idris ibn Umar
FatherIdris ibn Umar
ReligionZaydi Shia Islam

Fatimid rule of Morocco continued for 8 years after the death of Yahya IV and the Idrisids only regained power after the rebellion of Al-Hasan ibn Muhammad. Al-Hasan's rule however was short lived and lasted for only about 3 years before the Fatimids ousted him. The Fatimids ruled for 10 more years only to be once again overthrown by the Idrisids under the leadership of Al Qasim Guennoun.


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Preceded by
Yahya III
Idrisid dynasty
Succeeded by
Ubayd Allah al-Mahdi Billah of the Fatimid dynasty