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Xiangshan (Chinese: 象山), also known as Elephant Mountain, is a mountain in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. It is close to the Taipei Metro Xiangshan Station. It is 183 m high. It has a hiking trail.[1] The Six Giant Rocks are a tourist attraction in Xiangshan.[2]

Elephant Mountain
2010 07 22210 6931 Xinyi District, Taipei, Buildings in Taipei, Taipei 101, Streets in Taipei, Taiwan.JPG
Xiangshan as viewed from
Taipei 101's observation deck
Highest point
Elevation 183 metres (600 ft)
Coordinates 25°01′37″N 121°34′36″E / 25.0269°N 121.5766°E / 25.0269; 121.5766Coordinates: 25°01′37″N 121°34′36″E / 25.0269°N 121.5766°E / 25.0269; 121.5766
Xiangshan is located in Taiwan
The location of Xiangshan
Location Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan
Easiest route Hiking trail
Overlook the Taipei Basin from the Six Giant Rocks
Night scenes as viewed from Xiangshan
Xiangshan hiking trail


"Xiangshan" means "Elephant Mountain" in Chinese. Xiangshan's name comes from its elephant-like shape.[1]


Xiangshan is part of the Nangang Mountain System. It is mainly composed of sandstone.[2]


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