Xi gua lao (Chinese: 西瓜酪; pinyin: xīguālào; lit. 'watermelon jelly') is a traditional dish of Beijing cuisine. It is a thickened and chilled watermelon soup eaten in summer time.

Xi gua lao
Watermelon Agar Jelly.jpg
Watermelon agar jelly
Place of originChina
Region or stateBeijing
Main ingredientsWatermelon, cherries, agar, sugar, vanilla powder


The dish is commonly prepared using these ingredients: watermelon, cherries, agar, sugar and vanilla powder.

Water is mixed with agar, vanilla powder and sugar and boiled into a syrup. The watermelon is crushed to get the juice out of it and mixed with the syrup. The mixture is then chilled until thick and served cold.

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