Wood Job!

Wood Job! is a 2014 Japanese comedy film written and directed by Shinobu Yaguchi and based on the novel Kamusari naa naa Nichijō (神去なあなあ日常) by Shion Miura. The film stars Shota Sometani, Masami Nagasawa, and Hideaki Itō. The main theme song is "Happiest Fool", sung by Maia Hirasawa.[1] The film was released on 10 May 2014, and made its North American premiere at LA Eigafest 2014.

Wood Job!
Wood Job! poster.jpeg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byShinobu Yaguchi
Written byShinobu Yaguchi
Based onKamusari naa naa Nichijō
by Shion Miura
Distributed byToho
Release date
  • 10 May 2014 (2014-05-10) (Japan)
Running time
116 minutes
Box office¥107 million (Japan)


The story revolves around Yuki Hirano (played by Shota Sometani), who, after failing his university entrance examinations and being left by his girlfriend, decides to join a forestry training program on seeing an attractive female face (Nagasawa) on a promotional leaflet.[2] The program is difficult, and while he wants to quit, he continues. Many others from the program drop out. Initially being skeptical of the newcomer, the villagers grow to like him and accept him as one of their own.

However, he soon discovers that the job is harder than he expected, working under the hard-working superior played by Hideaki Itō.[2] Yuki learns respect for the forest, and the traditions of the town, opening his eyes to life outside a big city. All the while, he pursues the woman from the pamphlet whose beauty motivated to move in the first place. The film ends with the Onbashira Festival, a dangerous festival involving riding huge logs down a hill.


The following people appear in the film.[1][3]


The film was shot on location in the mountains of Mie Prefecture, taking approximately six weeks and completed by 31 July 2013.[4]


The film has grossed ¥107 million in Japan.[5]


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