William Davin (1890 – 1 March 1956) was an Irish Labour Party politician who served as a Teachta Dála (TD) for over thirty years.[1] He was also a station-master.

His first candidacy for public office was at the 1922 general election, when he stood as a Labour Party candidate in the Leix–Offaly constituency. He was returned to the 3rd Dáil, and was re-elected at each successive general election until his death in 1956.[2]

He was Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Local Government from 1954 to 1956.[1]

For most of this period, he was the only Labour deputy from Laois–Offaly, but after the June 1927 general election he was joined in the short-lived 5th Dáil by John Gill, who lost his seat at the September 1927 general election.

Since Davin's death, Laois–Offaly has returned a Labour TD only twice: at the 1965 general election, when Henry Byrne was elected to the 18th Dáil, and at the 1992 general election, when Pat Gallagher was elected to the 27th Dáil.


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