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Wiki Loves Broadcast: The future of public broadcasting has arrived.
Wikiolo edits on the German Wikipedia and volunteers for Wikiproject WLTV. A longer version of this article originally appeared on the Kurier.
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The project Wiki Loves TV & Radio (WLTV) of the German Wikipedia is working to ensure that German public service broadcasters will place material under Wikipedia-compatible Creative Commons licenses. The project is ambitious and the interactions between broadcasters and the wiki community were sometimes contenious. However, we are proud to report that the public service broadcaster ZDF has published clips and photos from the editorial office of Terra X under the license CC BY 4.0 in a pilot project.

Wikipedia editors are requested to enroll for the project and register materials they would like to include in articles. WLTV will ask shows and series of public service broadcasting to release that content under the proper license. Wikipedia will benefit from the high-quality audiovisual materials it provides. Wikimedia Germany's demand is "public money? Public good!" We hope German public service broadcasters will support a strong, up-to-date encyclopedia that supplants the "dubious sources" on the Internet. It is all the more symbolic that the pilot project turned its attention to the topic of climate change – also a topic of a future that already has begun.