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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2019-02-28/From the editors

Help wanted (still): This may be too wordy, verbose and loquacious – and possibly redundant – but as you know, it takes others to check our work, and if there were more people in the Newsroom, we'd be able to double check ourselves and produce a better product for our readership; if you think you are up to it, you are welcome to join us and even copyedit the Editor-in-Chief's article intros.

Renewal as the seasons change

Tulips covered in snow.jpg

Welcome to this month's issue of the only notable publication by the Wikipedia community; for the Wikipedia community. We do hope that whether you are recovering from a bitter winter or a blazing summer that you consider the changing seasons as a reminder that nothing remains the same (even the dear old Signpost).

If you can spare some time to help in the Newsroom, we would appreciate seeing new people there. If you can spare time to comment on content to help us stay on track, we would also appreciate that. Take up the challenge, and you will never regret it!