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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2019-01-31/From the archives

An editorial board that includes you: Four years - and nothing changed?
This month The Signpost reprints a 'From the editors' from almost four years ago to the day. Still a struggling publication and little in terms of response from last month's 'From the Editors', even a monthly issue is a strain on the time of the current team of two or three.

Dear readers,

A few weeks ago, long-time Signpost editor-in-chief The ed17 announced his intention to step down due to time constraints. Aware of the heavy workload of his role, he sought two editors to replace him. As the members of the newly formed Signpost editorial board, we're pleased to announce our vision for the future of the Signpost and to explain our new roles.

Vision for the future

A wise individual once said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." The new Signpost editorial board subscribes to this philosophy in relation to the weekly newspaper. Although we certainly do have some goals—reviving "News and notes" on a weekly basis, for one—we see no particular reason at the present time for making substantial changes to the Signpost's format. We will strive to maintain our voice and standing as an independent entity, separate from the WMF, Wikimedia chapters, WikiEd, or other entities. We hope to expand our coverage by including high-quality content and interesting opinion pieces from community members, including opposing viewpoints in some editions, like this week.

Members of the board

  • Co-editor-in-chief: Gamaliel: Gamaliel, an administrator with more than a decade of experience on the English Wikipedia, brings a wealth of Signpost experience to the team and is pleased to embark on this new venture. Most recently, he has revived the "In the Media" section, reporting on the Wikimedia movement's global media coverage. He has previously served as an assistant editor of sorts, occasionally helping Ed copyedit and organize the paper. In his new role, Gamaliel will be primarily responsible for the Signpost on a day-to-day basis.
  • Co-editor-in-chief: Go Phightins!: Go Phightins!, an administrator since May 2014 and editor for about three years, is admittedly a bit apprehensive about taking on this new role, but is thankful for the opportunity to do so, as well as for the strong team being installed at the same time. He has contributed to the "In the Media" section in the past and has had an enthusiasm for journalism for most of his life. In his new role, Go Phightins! will be primarily responsible for recruiting and retaining regular writers, facilitating timely communication, and assisting in the copyediting process.
  • Publication and newsroom manager: Pine: The name "Pine" has almost become synonymous with "Signpost writer" over the last few years, during which he has contributed in a variety of capacities. One of the sticking points for the new editors-in-chief in accepting their roles was the need for someone proficient in the technical aspects of publication. On learning of Pine's willingness to continue to serve in that capacity, they were thrilled and ready to sign on. Pine will continue to be manager of publication and a contact person for urgent newsroom queries; the new editors-in-chief are grateful for his help.
  • Editor emeritus: The ed17: Ed has volunteered to stay on the editorial board as a consultant and to help in a smaller capacity behind the scenes with sporadic tasks. As the outgoing editor-in-chief, he has a wealth of experience and personifies the excellent editor.
  • Technical consultant: Jarry1250: The editors are very pleased to have Jarry1250 in this role so that we can draw on his expertise on the technical aspects of publication as necessary.
  • You: The editorial board is not complete without you. We are looking for Wikipedians with all kinds of experience levels who are willing to commit to just a few hours per week to help the Signpost, including those interested in layout, copyediting, delivery, technical management, and—perhaps most importantly—writing. Now is a perfect time to pitch your ideas for a new section or a new angle on an old one, whether it appears weekly, biweekly, monthly, or sporadically. We are especially interested in editors willing to write for "News and notes" and about what other-language Wikipedia projects and newsletters are working on, though we welcome help and ideas on absolutely any topic. This is an exciting and dynamic time for the Signpost. So we call on you, our readers: if you have any interest whatsoever, please contact one of the members of your editorial board.

We'd like to take one more opportunity to thank Ed for his years of service as editor-in-chief, during which he told us he contributed up to 20 hours per week—never eager to step into the limelight but always willing to help behind the scenes. Please join us in thanking him for his dedication to this community newspaper. In this time of transition, we ask for your patience, confident that we will make mistakes, perhaps even large ones. Please bear with us as we learn our respective roles.

Go Phightins! and Gamaliel, Signpost editors-in-chief