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This page is for recording the results of Wiki Loves Pride 2015.


If an event or campaign was held in your city, please share the results of the activity here. Feel free to include venue details, the number of attendees, the number of articles created and/or improved, images uploaded or added to articles, pictures taken at the meetup, local press coverage, planned follow-up activities, and any other anecdotal information worth sharing!

Lexington, Kentucky

New York City

Portland, Oregon

  • nearly 300 images of Portland's pride parade were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons; see gallery here

Washington, D.C.

New Content


  1. Affirmations (Ferndale, Michigan), LGBT community center
  2. Alaskans Together for Equality, LGBT advocacy organization
  3. APA ethical principles of psychologists
  4. Antti Asplund, Finnish fashion designer
  5. Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, LGBT organization
  6. Keith Banner, American writer
  7. Becoming Us, American television series
  8. Marcus Behmer, German writer and artist
  9. Bradley Angle, organization based in Portland, Oregon
  10. Lee Brewster, American drag queen, activist, retailer
  11. Ron Buckmire, American mathematician and LGBT activist
  12. Jerome Caja, American mixed-media painter, performance artist
  13. Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco
  14. Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights
  15. Controversy surrounding psychiatry
  16. Craig v. Masterpiece Cakeshop
  17. Cultural impact of Madonna
  18. Christopher Davis (writer), American writer
  19. D.C. Black Pride
  20. DC Cowboys
  21. Die Freundschaft
  22. DiversityUNNC, student society
  23. Nina Dotti, fictional character
  24. Empire (season 1), American television series
  25. Empire (season 2), American television series
  26. The Empty Closet
  27. Equality Arizona, LGBT advocacy organization
  28. Far from Heaven (musical)
  29. Jules Remedios Faye, American author and editor
  30. Finstuen v. Crutcher, adoption case
  31. Freedom Oklahoma, LGBT advocacy organization
  32. Vaughn Frick, cartoonist
  33. The Gay Center, Tel Aviv-Yafo
  34. Gay Life (TV series), first LGBT television series
  35. Gay Men of African Descent
  36. Gayby Baby (2015), Australian documentary film
  37. M. J. Goldberg, cartoonist
  38. Camarin Grae, writer
  39. Hefina Headon, Welsh activist
  40. Gens Hellquist, Canadian activist
  41. Jon Hoadley, openly gay politician (Michigan)
  42. Chris Hudson (trade unionist)
  43. I Am Cait (2015), television documentary series
  44. "I Still Love You" (Jennifer Hudson song)
  45. Kappa Theta Epsilon
  46. Mark Kleinschmidt (politician), American lawyer and politician
  47. Kris Knight, Canadian artist
  48. Lesbian Feminist Liberation, former lesbian rights organization
  49. Alex Leslie, Canadian writer
  50. LGBT rights in Curaçao
  51. LGBT rights in Sint Maarten
  52. LGBT Qaamaneq, LGBT organization in Greenland
  53. List of people with non-binary gender identities
  54. Locas Perdidas, 2015 short film
  55. Mariah Lopez, American transgender activist
  56. Patsy Lynch, American photographer
  57. Barbara Macdonald, social worker, lesbian feminist, activist
  58. Michigan Pride, LGBT pride event
  59. Jeremy Moss, openly gay politician (Michigan)
  60. Murad (film)
  61. Tracy Dickinson Mygatt, American writer and pacifist
  62. Gordon Naccarato, chef and restaurateur
  63. National Bisexual Liberation Group, American bisexual advocacy organization
  64. National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals, professional society
  65. Ingrid Nilsen, YouTube personality
  66. James Nowick, chemist
  67. Penal Code of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
  68. Casey Plett, writer
  69. Possible (Italy), political party
  70. Milo Poulson, cartoonist
  71. Victoria Price, interior designer, public speaker, teacher
  72. Queens Liberation Front
  73. QueerBomb Dallas
  74. Qui c'est les plus forts? (2015), French film
  75. Qween Amor
  76. Rectal douching
  77. Reel in the Closet (2015), documentary film
  78. Lucien von Römer, Dutch physician, botanist and writer
  79. Samabhavana Society
  80. Same-sex marriage in Chihuahua
  81. Same-sex marriage in Coahuila
  82. Same-sex marriage in the Pitcairn Islands
  83. Same-sex marriage in the Sixth Circuit
  84. Bert Savoy, American entertainer
  85. Jane S. Schacter, scholar
  86. Neena Schwartz, American endocrinologist
  87. Silicon Valley Pride
  88. David K. Smith, chemist
  89. Snowflake (2014 film)
  90. Susan Speer, sociologist and psychologist
  91. Stag PDX, nightclub and strip club in Portland, Oregon
  92. Jason Lee Steorts, American journalist, writer and editor
  93. Barış Sulu, first openly gay parliamentary candidate in Turkey
  94. The Switch, upcoming Canadian TV series
  95. T. O. Sylvester, cartoonist
  96. Summer Vacation 1999 (1988), Japanese drama film
  97. Testo Junkie, book of autotheory and philosophy
  98. Chuck Tingle, author
  99. Thousand Hope Candidates
  100. Urinary segregation
  101. Richard Valley, cartoonist
  102. Czeslaw Walek, Czech lawyer and LGBT activist
  103. Mikey Walsh, author and LGBT activist
  104. Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy, American academic research institute
  105. Edith Windsor, from United States v. Windsor
  106. Frances M. Witherspoon, American writer and activist
  107. Women of the World, 1963 Italian mondo film
  108. Pamela Zave, American computer scientist

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