Tracy Dickinson Mygatt

Tracy Dickinson Mygatt (March 12, 1885 – November 22, 1973) was an American writer and pacifist, co-founder with Frances M. Witherspoon of the War Resisters League, and longtime officer of the Campaign for World Government.

Tracy Dickinson Mygatt
A white woman wearing a beret, from a 1932 newspaper.
Tracy D. Mygatt, from a 1932 newspaper.
BornMarch 12, 1885
DiedNovember 22, 1973
OccupationPolitical activist, pacifist
Known forCo-founder of the War Resisters League
Partner(s)Frances M. Witherspoon
RelativesDaniel S. Dickinson (grandfather)
John Tracy (great-grandfather)

Early life and educationEdit

Mygatt was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised by her widowed mother, Minnie Clapp Mygatt.[1] Her great-grandfather Daniel S. Dickinson and great-great-grandfather John Tracy were both prominent politicians in New York State.[2] Tracy D. Mygatt graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1909. After some years as a suffrage and labor organizer in Pennsylvania, she and Witherspoon moved to New York City in 1913.[3]

Career and activismEdit

In New York City Witherspoon and Mygatt joined the Woman's Peace Party, and together edited their publication, Four Lights.[4][5] They also organized the Socialist Suffrage Brigade,[6] and edited an issue of The Call about suffrage.[7] Mygatt joined Jessie Wallace Hughan and John Haynes Holmes in launching the Anti-Enlistment League in 1915.[8]

Witherspoon and Mygatt continued with peace work after the war, as active members of the Women's Peace Union,[9][10] and as founders of the War Resisters League in 1923.[11] They were charter members of the Episcopal Pacifist Fellowship when it was founded in 1939. In 1961 they were recognized jointly with the WRL Peace Award.[12]

In 1932, Mygatt ran for the New York State Assembly as the Socialist Party candidate.[2] From 1941 to 1969, Mygatt worked full-time for the Campaign for World Government, and was their accredited representative to the United Nations.[13][14]

Witherspoon and Mygatt co-wrote two Biblical novels, The Glorious Company (1928) and Armor of Light (1930), and a play about Vincent van Gogh, Stranger Upon Earth, among other literary collaborations.[15][16] Mygatt also wrote several plays on her own (Children of Israel,[17] Watchfires,[18] Grandmother Rocker,[19] Good Friday,[20] The Noose,[21][22] Sword of the Samurai,[23] His Son, Thim Socialists, and Bird's Nest), and published Julia Newberry's Sketch Book: or, The Life of Two Future Old Maids (1934), a biography of her mother and her mother's cousin.[24][25]

Personal life and legacyEdit

Mygatt lived and worked with Frances M. Witherspoon for over sixty years, in New York City, and later in Brewster, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[26] The pair were active in the Episcopal Church.[27] They died within a month of each other, in late 1973, in Philadelphia; Mygatt was 88 years old, and had been in poor health for some time.[28] The couple's papers were donated to the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.[29]

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