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The following women's history task forces have been created to work on specific areas of women's history:

See each task force's individual page for more information.

How to create a task forceEdit

  • Propose it in the "suggested task forces" list below and see who's interested
  • Create a page for your task force, modeling it off an existing/active task force. You can draft this under your user homepage's namespace if you want to seek feedback before launching.
  • Advertise your task force to attract contributors. You should promote it on the WikiProject Women's History talk page, as well as reaching out to related WikiProjects if appropriate.
  • Optional: create a flag as part of the WikiProject Women's History template, to help people find articles which fall under your taskforce's banner
  • Optional: set up statistics gathering with the WP 1.0 bot

Suggested task forcesEdit

Please note if you're interested in being part of that task force!

By time periodEdit

By profession/fieldEdit

By location/culture/ethnicity/etcEdit

  • Australian women's history
  • African-American women's history


  • Women's Suffrage
  • Topical/overview articles on women in specific times/places
  • Auditing general history articles for inclusion of women's stories/issues/voices
    • (Note: probably comparatively difficult because of contentious editors, should wait until we have more active editors.)
  • Historic Sites and Museums