About me edit

According to my contribution history, my first (logged-in) contribution here was in 2005. I'm mostly interested in naval and maritime history, Australian history, Canadian history, LGBT history, and have contributed to many pages in those areas (not always while logged in, alas.)

I also run the Geek Feminism Wiki on Wikia, and have been involved in many other wikis over the years (going back to the C2 wiki ca. 2001).

You might have met me at Wikimania (Buenos Aires 2009), the Wikimedia workshop at the Museums and the Web conference (Denver 2010), the Wiki Data summit (Sebastopol 2011), or some other wiki gathering. Or maybe you know me through other tech meetups, the open source community, etc.

Current/recent projects edit

 This user is a member of WikiProject Australian Music.

Freebase and Wikipedia edit

From 2007-2011, I worked on Freebase, a structured database of all kinds of information, which draws from Wikipedia (among a range of sources) for some of that data. My role there was mostly community/developer relations, and I worked closely with various parts of the Wikipedia community throughout that time.

I no longer work at Freebase; if you want to talk to my replacement, his name is Shawn Simister and you can contact him at simister@google.com.

Where to find me outside Wikipedia edit