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Did You Know? (DYK) is a feature on Wikipedia's Main Page that has "teasers" to new and recently expanded content.

Creating new articles of high importance and start quality and nominating them for DYK is a goal of this WikiProject.

  • Articles accepted for DYK are linked from the Main Page, encouraging other editors to jump in and contribute to articles within the scope of our project.
  • Writing well-cited articles about 1500-2000 characters in length is a great way for new editors to get used to working in Wikipedia.
  • Editors may work on articles in their personal sandboxes as long as they like, but they must be nominated for DYK within seven days of their appearance in the encyclopedia's mainspace.
  • Once you nominate an article for DYK (or have someone else nominate it for you, if the process seems overwhelming), some of the best editors in Wikipedia will see your article and help you improve it. Working in collaboration with other Wikipedians inside and outside of our project is one of the advantages of editing Wikipedia.
  • Some day, we will want a project Portal, and most portals have a section full of past DYK articles in their project area.

About DYKEdit

Current nominationsEdit

Articles to be nominatedEdit

If you are new or unsure of the DYK rules and processes, you can list articles that you would like to nominate here for review by other project members.

  • Jessica Garretson Finch. Brand new article: Suffragette. Founded Finch College. There is an irony in that she wanted to educate women for careers, but Finch turned into a finishing school for debutantes. I think the citation on her honorary doctorate from NYU is a hoot (so condescending). So, if someone understands the DKY process... Or would look at it - I'm no expert on Women's History. Thanks.E.M.Gregory (talk) 10:43, 20 November 2015 (UTC)

Women's History DYKsEdit

New DYKsEdit

List approved Women's History DYKs here for inclusion in our Portal some day.

Older DYKsEdit

Please list the full DYK entries and dates for items within our scope that appeared prior to February 2011 here for future inclusion in the portal.
  • ... that Jane Edna Hunter, an African American social worker in Cleveland, Ohio, was born on the Woodburn Plantation in Pendleton, South Carolina?" (appeared 15 May 2009)


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