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Welcome to the Water polo work group of the WikiProject Swimming. This is the central point for discussion and improvement of water polo-related articles. Feel free to ask questions or add to the conversations.

Scope Edit

  • To improve all Wikipedia articles related to water polo.
  • Discuss the project and improvements to water polo articles on the talk page.
  • Add the tag below to the water polo-related article's Talk Page:
    {{WikiProject Water polo|class=|importance=}}

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Article requests Edit

Water polo articles whose creation has been requested by other users are listed at Wikipedia:Requested articles/Sports#Water polo. You can help by creating a requested article.

New articles Edit

For a list of recently created water polo articles, see:

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Water polo articles requiring expansion are listed at Category:Water polo stubs. You can help by choosing an article in these categories below and expanding it.

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You can find a list of all Members here. Joining Water polo work group is easy – just add your username to the bottom of the list. When joining the work group, you should watch this page. This allows you to keep up-to-date with discussions on the talk page.

Userbox Edit

After you have signed up, feel free to add this line at your user page: {{User Water polo work group}}, and then you will find this userbox displayed:

 This user is a member of the
Water polo work group.

Barnstars Edit

You can use {{The Water Polo Barnstar}} to recognise users as being particularly useful to the WikiProject on Water polo. It should be placed on user talk pages.

Barnstar Image What to type Description
2.0 version   {{subst:The Water Polo Barnstar|message ~~~~}} The Water polo Barnstar is awarded to those who contribute exceptionally to water polo-related articles, and/or for work on the WikiProject on Water polo.
1.0 version   {{subst:The Water Polo Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}}

Manual of style Edit

Guidelines and help pages for writing articles and other contributions.

Consensus Edit

A quick reference guide to consensus:

Categories Edit

Info on in what category articles should be placed:

Templates Edit

Numerous templates exist, how to find them and how to use them:

Notability Edit

How to know if a water polo topic should be on Wikipedia or not:

Assessment Edit

The Assessment department of the WikiProject focuses on assessing the quality of water polo-related articles.

For a detailed explanation with lots of examples about assessing the importance of water polo-related articles, please see the Importance assessment department of the WikiProject.

Current status Edit

The proportion of all articles with an assessed project banner is:

99.9% assessed (estimate: some more article talk pages may still need a banner)


The proportion of all articles with known importance is:

97% known importance (estimate: some more articles may still need a banner)


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Log Edit

The full log of assessment changes for the past six days is available here.

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Articles for deletion

Categories for discussion

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The following table shows shortcuts related to the WikiProject on Water polo.

Shortcut 1 Shortcut 2 Shortcut 3 WikiProject page
WP:WPOLO WP:WATERPOLO WP:H2OPOLO → Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group
WT:WPOLO WT:WATERPOLO WT:H2OPOLO Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group
WP:WPOLO/A WP:WATERPOLO/A WP:H2OPOLO/A Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Assessment
WP:WPOLO/AA WP:WATERPOLO/AA WP:H2OPOLO/AA Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Article alerts
WP:WPOLO/CAT WP:WATERPOLO/CAT WP:H2OPOLO/CAT Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Category
WP:WPOLO/I WP:WATERPOLO/I WP:H2OPOLO/I Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Assessment/Importance
WP:WPOLO/LINK WP:WATERPOLO/LINK WP:H2OPOLO/LINK Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Links
WP:WPOLO/M WP:WATERPOLO/M WP:H2OPOLO/M Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Members
WP:WPOLO/N WP:WATERPOLO/N WP:H2OPOLO/N Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Notability
WP:WPOLO/NAV WP:WATERPOLO/NAV WP:H2OPOLO/NAV Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Templates/Navboxes
WP:WPOLO/NEW WP:WATERPOLO/NEW WP:H2OPOLO/NEW Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/New articles
WP:WPOLO/O WP:WATERPOLO/O WP:H2OPOLO/O Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Olympics
WP:WPOLO/PP WP:WATERPOLO/PP WP:H2OPOLO/PP Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Popular pages
WP:WPOLO/RC WP:WATERPOLO/RC WP:H2OPOLO/RC Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Recognized content
WP:WPOLO/STUB WP:WATERPOLO/STUB WP:H2OPOLO/STUB Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Stubs
WP:WPOLO/T WP:WATERPOLO/T WP:H2OPOLO/T Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Templates
WP:WPOLO/VA WP:WATERPOLO/VA WP:H2OPOLO/VA Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/Vital articles
WP:WPOLO/WCH WP:WATERPOLO/WCH WP:H2OPOLO/WCH Wikipedia:WikiProject Swimming/Water polo work group/World Championship

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Total pages in content type is 6

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Total pages in content type is 8

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Total pages in content type is 36

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Total pages in content type is 1

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Total pages in content type is 2

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Total pages in content type is 17

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