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This is a list of things to do for the stub sorting WikiProject.
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The {{stub}} template places articles in Category:Stubs.
This category should be routinely cleared to prevent a backlog.
There are currently 0 articles in this category (update).

Vetting of unlisted templatesEdit

The conversion of templates to {{asbox}} has uncovered over 7000 stub templates which are not listed on the official stub lists. These need to be checked: if they are approved, they should be listed; if they are not, then need to be assessed at WP:TFD or WP:CFD. Many of the unapproved ones will need renaming to conform with stub standards. A full list of these 7000+ templates can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Templates to vet and its subpages.

Categories created, to be populatedEdit

Newly created & underpopulatedEdit

See Category:Stub categories needing attention

In need of re-sortingEdit

See Category:Stub categories needing attention.

Templates and categories approved, yet to be createdEdit

See To create

Incorrect stubbingEdit

Please note: Some of these reports are run regularly; some have not been run for several years. Any information on how to reinstate them would be very welcome!

Overlong "stub" pagesEdit

Wikipedia:Database reports/Long stubs lists pages that are marked as stubs, but seem excessively long for stubs. These should be reviewed for possible migration to a higher class. If it is determined that these are no longer stubs, please remove the stub templates, and, where applicable, update the article talk pages to indicate the new class for the article.

Manually populated categoriesEdit

There is a list of stubs which have been manually added to stub categories (rather than by use of a stub template) at Wikipedia:Database reports/Stubs included directly in stub categories. All of these articles should have the category removed, and (unless the article is not a stub) replaced by a stub template. If it appears as if the same editors are repeatedly adding categories manually, the template {{uw-directcat}} can be used to inform them how stubs should be categorised.

Redlinked templatesEdit

There is a list of articles with redlinked stub templates at Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/missing stubs. In many cases the templates that should be on the articles have been added to the list. Some of these redlinks are simply spelling mistakes, others are vandalism, but most involve templates which are too finely-grained to yet exist. All of these need correcting to existing stub types (once one is done, please remove it from the list, either through striking it out or (if a whole section is completed) by removing the section. Once the page is empty, please leave a note on Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Stub sorting/missing stubs for a new list to be generated.

Other reportsEdit

Instructions for rebuilding these reports are found at the bottom of each page.

Undersized stub categoriesEdit

There are several hundred undersized stub categories. Some of these are newly created and need populating, others might be brought up to the 60-stub threshold level by sorting stubs into them. Severely undersized categories which currently have no chance of reaching the threshold may need to be taken to WP:SFD for deletion/upmerging. Undersized stub categories are listed in Category:Stub categories needing attention.

Wikipedia:Database reports/Unused stub templates has a similar list of stub templates that have been built, but which have no articles using the template. You can help by finding stub articles to add these templates to. If the templates are not needed, perhaps because the topic is already covered by another stub template, consider listing the template on WP:SFD for deletion.

Oversized stub categoriesEdit

Updated May 15, 2022 from this query

with six or more listings pagesEdit

Category Pages Articles
Silent film stubs 10 1,913
Bulbophyllum stubs 9 1,637
Megachile stubs 8 1,429
Phaegopterina stubs 8 1,462
Eupithecia stubs 8 1,408
Tephritinae stubs 8 1,431
Coleophoridae stubs 8 1,410
Missouri river stubs 8 1,414
Syrphidae stubs 8 1,458
Salticidae stubs 8 1,562
Lizard stubs 8 1,523
Archipini stubs 7 1,292
Muricidae stubs 7 1,276
Volgograd Oblast geography stubs 6 1,092
Araneomorphae stubs 6 1,140
Linyphiidae stubs 6 1,050
Lithosiini stubs 6 1,185
16th-century English MP stubs 6 1,160
American state court judge stubs 6 1,129
Altai Krai geography stubs 6 1,065
1920s silent drama film stubs 6 1,145
2000s indie rock album stubs 6 1,019
American academic biography stubs 6 1,005
Greek mythology stubs 6 1,129
Iowa building and structure stubs 6 1,058
Organic compound stubs 6 1,190
2010s drama film stubs 6 1,134
Kansas geography stubs 6 1,028
1910s drama film stubs 6 1,078
Silent German film stubs 6 1,123
Dagestan geography stubs 6 1,044

with five listings pagesEdit

Category Pages Articles
2000s single stubs 5 831
1990s rock album stubs 5 907
2000s pop album stubs 5 959
2000s rock song stubs 5 981
American academic administrator stubs 5 878
American actor stubs 5 806
American football season stubs 5 910
American screenwriter stubs 5 815
Asian athletics biography stubs 5 859
Australian politician stubs 5 805
Canadian actor stubs 5 804
Chinese history stubs 5 813
Cichlidae stubs 5 802
Individual ship or boat stubs 5 820
Kentucky geography stubs 5 891
Minnesota politician stubs 5 932
Protein stubs 5 954
Skink stubs 5 954
United States organization stubs 5 840
American artist stubs 5 881
Arctiinae stubs 5 953
American writer stubs 5 862
Hadeninae stubs 5 854
Tachinidae stubs 5 975
2010s rock album stubs 5 999
Cyprinidae stubs 5 815
Spilomelinae stubs 5 924
Calpinae stubs 5 817
Nervous system drug stubs 5 973
Asteroideae stubs 5 857
American film biography stubs 5 923
American historian stubs 5 1,000
Pyraustinae stubs 5 832
Buprestidae stubs 5 822
Ray-finned fish stubs 5 929
United States rail transportation stubs 5 853
Phycitini stubs 5 889
Voronezh Oblast geography stubs 5 824
Mordellistena stubs 5 955
American television film stubs 5 984
1920s Western (genre) film stubs 5 876
Acanthocinini stubs 5 998
Apomecynini stubs 5 955
Euliini stubs 5 957
Euchromiina stubs 5 823
Lamiini stubs 5 971
Pteropliini stubs 5 901
Desmiphorini stubs 5 971
College football 1990s season stubs 5 834
College football 1950s season stubs 5 844
College football 1940s season stubs 5 803
United Kingdom television show stubs 5 946
17th-century English MP stubs 5 824
Kursk Oblast geography stubs 5 814