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Below are all active, inactive, and past participants involved in Wikipedia:WikiProject Stagecraft as of 31 May 2021 and the date they joined the project. A roll call will be done on the 15th of every month on the project's talk page to see who is still active and who is not.

To add yourself please edit the section you wish to add yourself and use the following syntax at the bottom of the list:

# {{User|username}} (Brief description, Joined {{subst:Date}})


# {{User|Lekogm}} (I am profesional stagehand.  Joined {{subst:Date}})

Active participantsEdit

  1. Lekogm (talk · contribs) (I am a professional stagehand. Joined 5 September 2006)
  2. KeepOnTruckin (talk · contribs) (theatrical technician)
  3. Morydd (talk · contribs) (theatrical technician)
  4. Kmccoy (talk · contribs) (touring IATSE stagehand) (not much for article writing, and sometimes busy with work, but can certainly answer questions. Also can help with administrative tasks, if needed.)
  5. 48v (talk · contribs) (student TD)
  6. JWGreen (talk · contribs) (lighting design student at Concordia, Moorhead. Joined ? September 2006)
  7. KindSould (talk · contribs) (producer & jack of all trades)
  8. Humhead (talk · contribs)(Sound Designer/Master Electrician/Master Audio)
  9. back_ache (talk · contribs) (I am a profesional lighting control tech/amdram sound-lighting tech)
  10. leaderofearth (talk · contribs) (Amature stagehand and lighting tech with ambitions of going pro, Joined 19 October 2006)
  11. tm1000 (talk · contribs) (I am a professional Audio Engineer/Designer. Joined 20 October 2006)
  12. Ci-Daemon (talk · contribs) (Lighting & Sound Designer, Electrician, Stagehand, Board Tech, and Audio Producer, Joined 21 October 2006)
  13. Bryson430 (talk · contribs) (Technical Manager, back after a busy work period)
  14. Skenmy (talk · contribs) (Semi-professional live sound engineer specialising in live concerts) (Back active as of 2nd December 2006)
  15. Pedant (talk · contribs) (clown and magician, camera operator, editor, animator, motion graphics artist Joined December 28 2006)
  16. Ned Scott (talk · contribs) (sound, video, some other stuff too)
  17. BrucePennypacker (talk · contribs) (Community theater lighting designer, sound designer, and all around tech. Joined 5 January 2007)
  18. RedHillian (talk · contribs) Freelance sound tech. & roadie, UK based (Joined: 7 Jan 2007)
  19. scoreed (talk · contribs) Lighting Designer, Technical Consultant. (Joined: Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007)
  20. Amadscientist (talk · contribs) (Professional Property Designer/Coordinator, property master, stage hand, semi professional Costume designer, stage manager. Joined 29 Jan 2007)
  21. Charcoaldabs (talk · contribs) (High School Techie. Joined 10 February 2007)
  22. Yarn.wench (talk · contribs) (Freelance stagehand,non-union, jack of all trades Joined 13 February 2007)
  23. Suncloud (talk · contribs) (Deputy Stage Manager (UK), Joined 31 May 2021)
  24. polymathematics (talk · contribs) Stage manager, college aged. (Joined: 28 March 2007)
  25. TheCheesemeister (talk · contribs) (Chief Technician, Joined 31 May 2021)
  26. RMutton (talk · contribs) (Amateur HS Sound Tech. Experienced in most aspects of Stagecraft. Joined April 8, 2007)
  27. NeoPlatonist (talk · contribs) (College student, lighting designer, sound designer, master electrician. Joined 31 May 2021)
  28. litesrbrite45 (talk · contribs) (Electrician, Lighting Designer, Audio Engineer, Production Manager. Joined 31 May 2021)
  29. Amphytrite (talk · contribs) (Props nazi, set designer/carpenter; joined 31 May 2021)
  30. Spitefulcrow (talk · contribs) (I am an undergrad minoring in theater and performance studies, interested mostly in electrics. Joined 26 June 2007)
  31. R'nway (talk · contribs) (I have been a techie at my church for 4 years, and last year I was the LD for the youth group. Joined 6 July 2007)
  32. Aaron Wallace, Theater Technician. -- 19:00, 18 July 2007 (UTC)
  33. DJSparky (talk · contribs) (Special Effects Technican, Effects Designer and Shop Manager. Joined Oct. 20, 2007)
  34. Moojoe (talk · contribs) (Professional stage rigger and senic carpenter. Currently studying to be a technical director. Joined 2nd December 2006. Switched from inactive 3rd October 2007)
  35. Dman587 (talk · contribs) (I am a lighting designer for theatre, music, and events. Also specialize in touring conceptualization. Joined Nov 14, 2007)
  36. Wilflet (talk · contribs) (Monitors and pyro, Joined 4th Jan 08)
  37. ICberg7 (talk · contribs) (Technical jack-of-all-trades, ex-high school a/v tech, and semi-professional technical director for various venues and events), Joined 31 May 2021)
  38. Xaraphim (talk · contribs) (Production Management grad student, Joined 31 May 2021)
  39. Hyperlight (talk · contribs) (Electrical Engineer. HLR Canada At your service!!! I am an EE with almost a decade of experience in lighting systems design. I have contributed to several articles on Wikipedia and enjoy sharing with the community. I may not remember to check-in here every month, but hit me on Gmail if you need a technical call on something. My e-mail is hyperlight.research@...####spammers_go_awa&@(*^$, Joined 31 May 2021)
  40. Murphb1220 (talk · contribs) (Student Lighting Designer 31 May 2021)
  41. drmartini (talk · contribs) (Professional stagehand/production assistant, mainly with sound and electrics, IATSE local 690) Joined 31 May 2021)
  42. Ssorenson (talk · contribs) (Freelance Lighting Designer, Joined 31 May 2021)
  43. Bardsandwarriors (talk · contribs) "Bards". (Amateur performer - brass bands, orchestra, choir, theatre. Learning stagecraft. Specialist in categorising articles, not writing them. Joined 31 May 2021)
  44. Gayle Duncan (talk · contribs) (Always a professional Stage Manager, sometimes a professional Stagehand...if the price is right. Joined 31 May 2021)
  45. Caldair (talk · contribs) (Professional lighting, stage and pyro technician. Joined 31 May 2021)
  46. TheSwami (talk · contribs) (Undergraduate LD, electrician, TD in Chicagoland. Joined 31 May 2021)
  47. william (talk · contribs) (graduate of the Arts BA and MA and professional theatre designer and filmmaker for over 10 years in US and Europe Joined 23.01.09)
  48. Cst93 (talk · contribs) (I am a full time advanced High School Theatre Technician, Joined 31 May 2021)
  49. Chickeninapram (talk · contribs) (Deputy Technical Manager for the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Barbican Theatre, London 1998-2003, Joined 31 May 2021)
  50. TheAuroraFox (talk · contribs) (Professional theatre company celebrating our 25th season in Aurora, CO, Joined 25 August 2009)
  51. Teerickson (talk · contribs) (Wholehog 3 Software Engineer, previously a freelance LD/Operator. Eager to help, put me to work!, Joined 23 February 2010)
  52. GorillaWarfare (talk · contribs) (High school lighting designer/lighting technician, and occasional stagehand, Joined 3 June 2010)
  53. Telekid (talk · contribs) (Production and Design Student at NYU. Joined 3 June 2010)
  54. Binksternet (talk · contribs) (Freelance sound mixer since 1994. Joined 7 July 2010)
  55. makkbe (talk · contribs) (Software Engineer, ESTA CPWG member. Joined 12 October 2010)
  56. Matthewrbowker (talk · contribs) (High School Thespian, Lighting Designer; Joined 19 December 2010)
  57. Flightx52 (talk · contribs) (High school lighting designer and sound technician, Joined 24 February 2011)
  58. Brucehs (talk · contribs) (I am a freelance lighting designer specializing in new and experimental work, Joined 5 April 2011)
  59. SheffGruff (talk · contribs) (Lighting tech. Joined 14 May 2013)
  60. Phantom of the Tech Booth (talk · contribs) (Professional stage manager with a background in lighting, carpentry, and teaching. Joined 31 May 2021)
  61. Ecallow (talk · contribs) (Theatre tech student focusing on sound design and stage management, Joined 16 March 2016)
  62. Schoolbus777 (talk · contribs) (I am a stage manager, Joined 12 December 2018)
  63. Codecinderblock (talk · contribs) (Lighting Designer, Joined March 2020)
  64. Ombra_serena (talk · contribs) (Lighting Designer, Joined April 2020)
  65. Hfreni (talk · contribs) (Moving Light Programmer, Joined August 2020)
  66. Pakoire (talk) (Lighting and set designer, arts manager in Aotearoa New Zealand. Joined February 2021)
  67. Babegriev (talk · contribs) (Theatre/tech enthusiast; former SM/SD/stagehand Joined 27 February 2021)

Inactive ParticipantsEdit

  • BenFranske (talk · contribs) (I am a semi-professional audio engineer, lighting designer and entertainment technology system designer/engineer. Activity will be on a limited basis as time allows.)
  • Tegsirat (talk · contribs) (Professional Dimming/Lighting Installer & Consultant)
  • leon-geyer (talk · contribs) (Lighting and sound designer, artist and teacher for new media on stage (interactive video as lightning, etc). Activity will be as time allows. Joined 4 November 2010)

Past participantsEdit

  • Dzynes (talk · contribs) (Migrant Technical Theatre Professor.) (Inactive as of 1st November 2006)
  • Happy-melon (talk · contribs) (amateur dramatics lighting director) (Inactive as of 1st November 2006)
  • Driken (talk · contribs) (also very busy, Freshman year of college. I'll do my best.) (Inactive as of 1st November 2006)
  • MaximustheMagnificent (talk · contribs) (That Sound Board Person.) (Inactive as of 1st November 2006)
  • Andy Ciddor (talk · contribs) (Professional Lighting tech/ production manager/ consultant. Teacher of, and writer on, production technology.)
  • Schniapereli (talk · contribs) (I am a High School tech. I have studied tech a lot. Joined Oct. 22 2006)
  • maggiemae84 (talk · contribs) (Lighting Designer/Light Board Op/Master Elec/Stage Mangager/Carpenter/Professional Stagehand, Joined 22 November 2006)
  • icewolf08 (talk · contribs) (ME at Pionneer Theatre Company, Salt Lake City, UT, Joined Dec. 19, 2006)
  • Weasel Queen (talk · contribs) (High school/amateur Stage Manager, planning on going professional, Joined Dec. 30, 2006)
  • bjm243243 (talk · contribs) (Freelance Lighting Designer, Electrician, (Joined 25 Jan 2007)
  • FrameRotBlues (talk · contribs) (Lighting & Motor Controls Technician of SECOA; ETC and Strand ASC100 certified. Joined Feb. 24, 2007)
  • Techdir10 (talk · contribs) (I am a Technical Director/Jack of all trades, specializing in Live Sound Design/Op. Joined 3 March 2007)
  • Jeffrey E. Salzberg (talk · contribs) (Lighting Designer Joined 4 March, 2007)
  • Wforlines (talk · contribs) (High School Student, freelance stagehand, self-proclaimed ETC expert Joined 10 March, 2007)
  • Cryptic C62 (talk · contribs) (I am a high school student, a set designer/builder, an amateur lighting technician. Joined 25 March 2007)
  • Liszle (talk · contribs) (I am a high school student with interests in Lighting Design, Scenic Design and Audio Design with a fascination and fondness for ETC Source Four Lekos. (Joined: 19 May 2007)
  • BraxtonWinston (talk · contribs) (Stagehand, Freelance cameraman, currently work for a Theatrical fabrics, fabrication, and supplies company that has been serving the Entertainment, event, & Displays industries for 90 years Joined September 30, 2010)