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Hello, I'm GorillaWarfare, or Molly White. I use she/her pronouns. I am an administrator, checkuser, oversighter, and arbitrator here on the English Wikipedia. In real life, I'm a software engineer.

I'm fairly open about who I am, so for the avoidance of doubt and outing concerns, you can see my social media disclosure.

My editing interests include political extremism (particularly online) and groups in the manosphere. However, I edit on a broad range of topics depending on what catches my interest or needs improvement.

No, I'm not named after the Navy Seal copypasta. While I'm sure I got the wordplay from somewhere, according to Know Your Meme the copypasta originated in 2010, and I've had this username since 2007.

Symbol support vote.svg Articles I've brought to "Good article" status:

An incomplete list of other articles I've worked on substantially and am proud of: