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HI! I'M KEVIN MCCOY. I'm from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and I'm a freelance union stagehand. I do work mostly in the field of lighting and sound, plus production management, and I've spent a number of years on tour.

I've been around Wikipedia since June of 2004, and I've been an administrator since August 2 2005. Joining the project was an obvious move in my continuing slide into the use of open-source/content stuff. My first edit was a minor clarification on USA PATRIOT Act. While I've never really much enjoyed writing, I tend to notice typos and the like quite frequently. So I did a bit of copyediting on Minnesota's page. My first non-minor edit was on KVLY-TV mast and I did a revamp of the page on sound. I've since done some other reworkings of articles, and a bunch of typos and vandalism watch. I spent a few days compiling a list of all the vandalism done by a person (or people working together) at User:Kmccoy/Delfino in order to ensure we reverted all the spam.

I've also uploaded a few pictures, both here and to the Commons. One of my pictures has been used in a number of articles and a few templates, and was even nominated as a featured picture candidate; I took Image:Uscapitolindaylight.jpg while visiting Washington in 2004.

I don't really edit much anymore, but I'm not completely inactive, and I'll respond to messages on my talk page.

My global Wikimedia login is Kmccoy.

I'm on twitter as kmccoy.

I've done a fair bit of work as a sound engineer, and I'm happy to provide help here on Wikipedia with any sound editing needs. Just ask on my talk page.

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