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Things you can do (edit)
Things you can do
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The current Stagecraft WikiProject Collaboration of the Month is:

Please read the nomination text and help improve the article to featured article standard.

Welcome to the Stagecraft WikiProject Collaboration of the month! This effort seeks to identify Stagecraft articles that require improvement. Every month, a single article will be selected as the collaboration, and everyone will work to improve it as much as possible.

Nominating articlesEdit

To nominate an article, add

===[[Name of article]]===

Nomination text. ~~~~


# ~~~~


at the bottom of the list of candidates, filling in the name of the article and the nomination text (which should indicate why the article would benefit from a collaboration and what needs to be improved).

Candidates for next monthEdit



  1. DJSparky huh? 20:31, 15 August 2011 (UTC)


Control booth (theater)Edit

Excellent topic to exspand on. I'd like to see some detail on what equipment is specifically housed in a Control booth, wiring in and out possibly, and typical set up of such, also the evolution of theatrical control, and the difference among various types of theatres. Also, how sound somtimes is not mixed in the booth for acousical reasons, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera (I'm working the King and I currently). --Wforlines 02:22, 13 March 2007 (UTC)


  1. DJSparky huh? 04:34, 25 June 2010 (UTC)



Nominated June; needs 3 votes by



  1. DJSparky huh? 04:34, 25 June 2010 (UTC)

Comments: We haven't changed the article YEARS, and this is the header article for the whole project.

How to nominate an articleEdit

To nominate an article for an intensive improvement drive during the month, add it to the list of candidates below. Note: Please place the full name of the article (the page name) in the heading when you post a candidate. Priority should be given to articles that are non-existent or stubs, though important topics in need of overhaul are also eligible.

If the article is selected as the Staecraft Collaboration of the Month, please add {{StageCollab}} to the top of the article itself.

Nominate an articleEdit

Note to contributors:

To add a new nomination, please:

(1) Copy the template below
(2) Paste it at the bottom of the list of candidates
(3) Replace "[Date]" with the correct date and "[Date of current collaboration's end]" with the date of the current collaboration's end. For both, the year is not necessary.
(4) Sign your user name with the directions in the template and add a comment for why the article should be nominated.
(5) Please preview your addition to make it sure all information is properly filled in and the links are working.
===[[article name with double-brackets surrounding it]]===   
:''Nominated [[ [Date] ]]; needs 3 votes by 
[[ [Date of current collaboration's end] ]]''  
# ~~~~
*[Why the article should be the Stagecraft Collaboration of the month] 

The current date and time is 01:28, September 23, 2021


Date Article Votes Edits Improvement
1 November, 2006 Stage lighting instrument 2 8 • • Failed GA
2 April, 2007 Stage lighting N/A • •
3 August, 2011 DMX512 N/A • •

A full archive of past nominations is also available.


At the beginning of every month, a new collaboration article should be selected. This should generally be the candidate with the most support (and the oldest candidate in case of a tie).

To archive the current collaboration:

  1. Remove {{StageCollab}} from the top of the current collaboration article.
  2. Add the current article to the bottom of the history section.
  3. Move the current article's nomination text to the archive.

To select the new collaboration:

  1. Add {{StageCollab}} to the top of the new article.
  2. Move the new article's nomination text to the "Current collaboration" section.
  3. Update Wikipedia:WikiProject Stagecraft/Collaboration/Current to point to the new article.
  4. Replace collaboration-candidate=yes with past-collaboration=<start date>–<end date> in the {{WikiProject Stagecraft}} project banner at the top of the new article's talk page.
  5. Add {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Stagecraft/Collaboration/Notice|Name of article}} ~~~~ to the talk pages of users who supported the new article.

Templates for maintenanceEdit

{{subst:SVoter}} to inform voters of the winning nomination
Previous collaborations can be found at /History.
Removed nominations can be found at /Removed.

The current incumbent is found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Stagecraft/Collaboration/Current