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Welcome to WikiProject:Medieval Scotland, a collaboration area and group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of Scotland in the Middle Ages. The scope of the Project is broad, in Scotland all history before the 16th century is effectively the Middle Ages. Use your best judgement, there are no hard chronological boundaries ... although anything after the Reformation may be pushing it.

The project provides a place for editors to gather and resolve a number of issues which occur with great frequency when writing articles about history for Wikipedia. To that end goals include:

  • Providing a forum to introduce yourself as a contributor to articles on the Medieval Scotland.
  • Providing a forum to announce new or renovated articles on Medieval Scotland that may be of interest to the rest of the group.
  • Suggestions, resolutions, questions, and project creations, best practices HOWTO creation, etc.. all TBD.



Articles for creation



In general the Project aims to :

  • Improve the bog-standard articles on medieval Gaelic monarchs of Scotland
  • Expand coverage of every topic, so that Wikipedia can be a genuine source for information
  • Increase the number of Good Articles on medieval Scotland
  • Increase the number of Featured Articles on medieval Scotland

Particular targets include :

Top priority

  • Columba, this is a core Wikipedia article of C quality

High priority


These are the most popular topics in the Project that do not yet have good articles on Wikipedia. Sorted with the most-read in the left column, these articles all get more than 3000 page views per month :

Candidates for FA


All Good Articles or better :

Existing Recognised Content


Good articles


List of Participants


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  • Deacon of Pndapetzim (talk); interested in most topics, but particularly native reactions to Normanization, Mormaerdoms/Earldoms, outside perception and comparative studies with other areas on the periphery of West. Christendom.
  • Angus McLellan; general interest in Medieval European History, but not especially in Scotland to begin with. I have learned something of Early Medieval Scotland, even if it's only how much I still have to learn.
  • KuatofKDY; interested in the rule of various kingdoms and principalities in and around Scotland. This includes the monarchs of medieval Scotland, Pictavia, Dál Riada, Strathclyde, and Moray. Major project to keep all monarchs (here and elsewhere) in line with the succession box forms. Also interested in starting pages for monarchs not yet wikied.
  • An Siarach; Interested in medieval Europe/Britain, especially Scotland and the Gaelic world and the decline of the latter.
  • Mais oui!; Put nicely: I am a generalist. Using a slightly more critical tone: I am a jack of all trades... and master of none. I have no expertise whatsoever to contribute, but I earnestly share your stated aim of raising the quality of Scottish articles (some of the modern ones are just as bad, if not worse).
  • Canaen: I don't expect to be writing whole pages, but I'll help out where I can. Especially interested in early Clan politics, Normanisation, the relationship between Dál Riadan Scots and Picts.
  • Eva db – Scottish heraldry is one of my passions. I'd love to help wherever I can.
  • Brendandh I'm trying to fiddle with the House of Douglas at the moment, but interested in anything from the loss of the Legions to Darien. (Well, most things!)
  • Wjhonson Professional genealogist, biographer and historian.
  • Billreid I'll come to the table from the point of view of Scottish medieval buildings
  • E9 Can I be in this for learning as much as anything else? I love this kind of stuff, while knowing nothing about it.
  • Henry Gough-Cooper; My main interest is in the early medieval history of Scotland and Northern Europe, and Scottish and Continental place-names. I help maintain the Scottish Place-Name Society website [1].
  • MacRusgail: Have already edited some relevant articles, interests are various.
  • Catfish Jim and the soapdish: Rank amateur. Interested in the history of Dundee, Angus and the surrounding area. Medieval History is a particular interest at present.
  • SabreBD: I am a late medieval (and early modern) person, particularly military and social history, and have been trying to improve late medieval articles.
  • Odysseus1479 (talk): Most interested in the Highlands and the period up to & including the reign of Robert I, but by no means a specialist; would be happy to create or retouch maps or other illustrations (heraldic, e.g.) wherever they're wanted, or to copy-edit for grammar & style.
  • Finnrind (Finn Rindahl) Mainly editing Wikipedia in Norwegian (bokmål), and when at this project, mainly concerned with medieval Ireland. But this is interesting stuff - in this for learning as much as anything else?
  • Doug (talk): My interest is in genealogy and heraldry with a focus on the Middle Ages. Currently working through events and activities surrounding the Harlaw campaign by Donald, Lord of the Isles, and the activities of the early Baliol families. I'll help where I can.
  • Eldr-fire I specialise in Pictish history and am hoping to work on articles relating to early medieval Scotland but also have a wider interest in many aspects of Scottish history.

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Resources for writing articles


There are an increasing number of medieval Scotland-related material online. Lots of it is with expired copyright, and can be depending on circumstance, copied onto Wikipedia or Wikisource. Here is some of it:


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