Alexander Livingston of Callendar

Sir Alexander Livingston of Callendar (died 1451) was a significant figure in the early part of the reign of King James II of Scotland.


Alexander Livingston was the son of Sir John Livingston of Callendar and his wife Marjorie,[1] a daughter of Sir John Menteith of Kerse.[2]

He was Justiciar of Scotland, and keeper of Stirling Castle for at least part of the king's minority, during which he had custody of the king. He conspired with William Crichton, the Lord Chancellor, in the assassination of the 6th Earl of Douglas and his brother, David, at the "Black Dinner" at Edinburgh Castle. Later he allied with the Douglases against Crichton.

Marriage and issueEdit

Livingston married a daughter of James or John Dundas of that ilk, and had issue:

In fictionEdit

His role in the events of the time is dealt with in Black Douglas by Nigel Tranter. He also has a role in Black Douglas by Samuel Rutherford Crockett.



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