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Welcome to the Logic Task Force, a joint task force of WikiProject Philosophy and WikiProject Mathematics, and covers, besides articles on mathematical logic and philosophical logic, also articles on logic in computer science, logic in linguistics, such as the formal semantics of natural language, and logic in the methodology of science, such as formal ontology.

The task force is a set of pages in the "Wikipedia" article namespace which are devoted to the management of a specific topic or family of topics within Wikipedia; and, simultaneously, a group of editors who use those pages to collaborate on encyclopedic work. It is not a place to write encyclopedia articles directly, but a resource to help coordinate and organize the writing and editing of those articles.

This task force is an effort to coordinate the work of those Wikipedians who are knowledgeable about logic and wish to improve Wikipedia's coverage of the topic.

Getting started

There are a few things you can do right now to get started helping the task force and the projects.


The scope of the Logic Task Force is articles about reasoning, concepts in logic, critical thinking, history of logic, biographical articles about logicians, mathematical logic, foundations of mathematics, and set theory.

The task force is a descendant of WikiProject Philosophy, as logic is a major branch of philosophy. The task force also serves as the group most focused on the Foundations field of WikiProject Mathematics. The task force keeps two worklists:



  • To find and identify all substantive forms of logic and expand the Wikipedia presence of those forms.
  • To improve the quality, range and consistency of Wikipedia's articles about logic.
  • To assess these articles in a manner consistent with the Task Force assessment guidelines.
  • To build a community of contributors.
  • To serve as a nexus and discussion area for contributors from all fields with knowledge in logic.
  • To identify those areas of logic which lack sufficient coverage on Wikipedia.
  • To create a general map of the logic articles and subjects on Wikipedia and present the articles in a way that shows their connections.
  • To help reach agreement on nomenclature for various logical systems, on notations used in formal logic, and to establish a few conventional definitions that have agreed places where their definitions can be found
  • To establish a guide for categories
  • To have a project-wide to-do list of most wanted improvements to the logic pages.

Assessment statistics

The assessment statistics for the task force are separated into two groups, mathematical and non-mathematical.