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Welcome to the Philosophical Literature Task Force, a subproject of WikiProject Philosophy and WikiProject Literature.

Getting started

There are a few things you can do right now to get started helping the task force.

  • Add {{User WP Philosophical lit}} to your user page. It will automatically add you to Category:Philosophical literature task force members. You may also choose to place the Philosophical literature navigation banner on your user page as well by adding {{Philosophical literature/Nav}}.


The focus of the Philosophical literature task force is to create a representative presence of articles about philosophical literature on Wikipedia.



Categories monitored

Category:Aesthetics literature -- Category:American philosophical novels -- Category:Analytic philosophy literature -- Category:Anarcho-capitalist books -- Category:Ancient philosophical literature -- Category:Aristotelian manuscripts -- Category:Art manifestos -- Category:Bioethics journals -- Category:Books about animal rights -- Category:Books about atheism -- Category:Books about revolutions -- Category:Books by Adam Smith -- Category:Books by Albert Camus -- Category:Books by Ayn Rand -- Category:Books by Bertrand Russell -- Category:Books by Daniel Dennett -- Category:Books by David Hume -- Category:Books by Edmund Husserl -- Category:Books by Friedrich Nietzsche -- Category:Books by G. I. Gurdjieff -- Category:Books by George Berkeley -- Category:Books by George Santayana -- Category:Books by Gottlob Frege -- Category:Books by Hans-Hermann Hoppe -- Category:Books by Henry David Thoreau -- Category:Books by Immanuel Kant -- Category:Books by Jean-Paul Sartre -- Category:Books by John Stuart Mill -- Category:Books by Ludwig Wittgenstein -- Category:Books by Martin Heidegger -- Category:Books by Muhammad Iqbal -- Category:Books by Murray Rothbard -- Category:Books by Nassim Nicholas Taleb -- Category:Books by P. D. Ouspensky -- Category:Books by Peter Singer -- Category:Books by Richard Rorty -- Category:Books by Robert Nozick -- Category:Books by Simone de Beauvoir -- Category:Books by Søren Kierkegaard -- Category:Books by Thomas Hobbes -- Category:Books by William James -- Category:Books in political philosophy -- Category:British philosophical novels -- Category:Contemporary philosophical literature -- Category:Continental philosophy literature -- Category:Dialogues of Plato -- Category:Encyclopedias on philosophy -- Category:English philosophical novels -- Category:Epistemology literature -- Category:Epistles of Plato -- Category:Essays about anarchism -- Category:Essays by Albert Camus -- Category:Essays by Bertrand Russell -- Category:Essays by John Stuart Mill -- Category:Ethics books -- Category:Ethics journals -- Category:Ethics literature -- Category:Existentialist books -- Category:Existentialist novels -- Category:Existentialist plays -- Category:Existentialist short stories -- Category:Existentialist works -- Category:Federalist Papers -- Category:Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton -- Category:Federalist Papers by James Madison -- Category:Federalist Papers by John Jay -- Category:Federalist Papers stubs -- Category:French philosophical novels -- Category:Images of philosophy books -- Category:Islamic philosophical texts -- Category:Jewish philosophical and ethical texts -- Category:Logic books -- Category:Logic journals -- Category:Logic literature -- Category:Marxist literature -- Category:Medieval philosophical literature -- Category:Metaphysics literature -- Category:Modern philosophical literature -- Category:Neoplatonic texts -- Category:Novels by Albert Camus -- Category:Novels by Ayn Rand -- Category:Novels by Jean-Paul Sartre -- Category:Novels by the Marquis de Sade -- Category:Operas by Jean-Jacques Rousseau -- Category:Philosophical literature -- Category:Philosophical literature by era -- Category:Philosophical literature by field -- Category:Philosophical literature stubs -- Category:Philosophical novel stubs -- Category:Philosophical novels -- Category:Philosophical poems -- Category:Philosophical works by author -- Category:Philosophical works of Cicero -- Category:Philosophy bibliographies -- Category:Philosophy book stubs -- Category:Philosophy books -- Category:Philosophy books by author -- Category:Philosophy Documentation Center academic journals -- Category:Philosophy essays -- Category:Philosophy journals -- Category:Philosophy of language literature -- Category:Philosophy of mind literature -- Category:Philosophy of religion literature -- Category:Philosophy of science literature -- Category:Plays by Albert Camus -- Category:Plays by Friedrich Schiller -- Category:Plays by Jean-Paul Sartre -- Category:Poetry by Friedrich Schiller -- Category:Poetry by Muhammad Iqbal -- Category:Political philosophy literature -- Category:Political theory journals -- Category:Short stories by Albert Camus -- Category:Short story collections by Albert Camus -- Category:Short story collections by Jean-Paul Sartre -- Category:Social philosophy literature -- Category:Socratic dialogues -- Category:Works by Albert Camus -- Category:Works by Aristotle -- Category:Works by Arthur Schopenhauer -- Category:Works by Baruch Spinoza -- Category:Works by Bertrand Russell -- Category:Works by Francis Bacon (philosopher) -- Category:Works by Friedrich Schiller -- Category:Works by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel -- Category:Works by George Berkeley -- Category:Works by Gilles Deleuze -- Category:Works by Gottfried Leibniz -- Category:Works by Henri Bergson -- Category:Works by Jacques Derrida -- Category:Works by Jean-Jacques Rousseau -- Category:Works by Jean-Paul Sartre -- Category:Works by John Locke -- Category:Works by John Rawls -- Category:Works by John Stuart Mill -- Category:Works by Jürgen Habermas -- Category:Works by Michel Foucault -- Category:Works by Muhammad Iqbal -- Category:Works by Ophelia Benson -- Category:Works by Plato -- Category:Works by René Descartes -- Category:Works by Theodor Adorno -- Category:Works by Thomas Aquinas -- Category:Works originally published in Philosophy (journal) -- Category:Works originally published in philosophy magazines --


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Philosophical literature task force

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Project page tag

Putting {{philosophy|literature=yes}} at the top of a page will add this notice to it:

WikiProject Philosophy / Literature (Rated Project-class)
 This page is within the scope of WikiProject Philosophy, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of content related to philosophy on Wikipedia. If you would like to support the project, please visit the project page, where you can get more details on how you can help, and where you can join the general discussion about philosophy content on Wikipedia.
Project This article has been rated as Project-Class on the project's quality scale.
Additional information:
Philosophical literature

This message should be placed at the top of the talk pages of all philosophical literature articles especially:

  • articles that members of the WikiProject are actively trying to improve.
  • articles that need special attention.


The template {{User WP Philosophical lit}} will add the following userbox to your user page, and add you to the Category:Philosophical literature task force members and Category:WikiProject Philosophy members