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This page is to voluntarily log articles you have improved while participating in The Great Wikipedia Dramaout. Please do not sign these entries; let's just make this a running tab of as much improvement as this campaign has generated. Please continue to update the list beyond the timeframe of the initial campaign, especially the GAs and FAs as they move from nomination to promotion, or article work that you begin during the campaign but that you continue beyond the initial 5 day period.

Articles createdEdit

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  1. Harvest Home (song) created a day early, but in honor of the cause
  2. Elisabeth Selbert, translated from the German Wikipedia. Okay, so I'm early too.
  3. Erna Scheffler, translated from the German Wikipedia.
  4. Stronger (Natalie Grant album)
  5. Ingeborg Drewitz, translated from the German Wikipedia.
  6. Pocket neighborhood
  7. Tropical Storm Hallie (1975)
  8. Pantages Theatre (Vancouver)
  9. Recourse debt
  10. Spinule
  11. Monkey Buffet Festival
  12. Battle of the Oranges
  13. Index of Benin-related articles
  14. Pink Dot
  15. Sno-Freighter
  16. Carl Fredrik Ehrensvärd
  17. Battle of Sittang Bridge
  18. Zinka
  19. Gonatus
  20. Hof's Hutt
  21. The General in Red Robes
  22. Peter Flötner, translated from the German Wikipedia.
  23. Amakusa Airfield, partially translated from Chinese and Japanese Wikipedia.
  24. Burntwood School, a requested article
  25. Henequen
  26. Somewhere In My Heart Developed a former redirect
  27. The Story of Two Women
  28. Nói Síríus
  29. Mundat Forest, translated from de, corrected, expanded
  30. Imago Records
  31. Darwin Forest But it is only a stub
  32. All That Falls Has Wings
  33. Mr. Niebla
  34. Tekno Team 2000
  35. Ross and Monmouth Railway
  36. Françoise de Veyrinas, translated from the French Wikipedia.
  37. Marie-France Stirbois, translated from the French Wikipedia.
  38. Sonny Lester
  39. List of New York Islanders team captains
  40. Adultery Tree
  41. Geneviève Fraisse, translated from the French Wikipedia.
  42. Come Unto Down
  43. Brigitte Fouré, translated from the French Wikipedia.
  44. AquaPalooza
  45. The Ivy (Los Angeles)
  46. Flame
  47. Battle of Bilin River
  48. Trimethylstibine
  49. Dimethyldiethoxysilane
  50. Diphenyl carbonate
  51. Barium sulfite
  52. Manganese(II) acetate
  53. Mercury(I) nitrate
  54. Jeane Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award
  55. Rayo de Jalisco, Jr.
  56. Fooled Around and Fell in Love
  57. Acanthomysis microps
  58. The blob (Chukchi Sea algae)
  59. Springfield Armory EMP
  60. Stephen Marchesi
  61. Jean Antoine
  62. Carney's
  63. Amy Elizabeth du Pont
  64. Uncle's Paradise
  65. Gerard Crane House
  66. Florence Court Forest Park
  67. Burger Heaven
  68. Emilio Charles, Jr. (A stub for now, created from a red link in a FLc)
  69. Scorpio, Jr. (A stub for now, created from a red link in a FLc)
  70. Ahmat Hassaballah Soubiane
  71. Mt. Zion Methodist Church
  72. Varanus lirungensis
  73. Battle of Pegu
  74. Group Health Incorporated
  75. St. George's church, Trotton
  76. Totonno's
  77. Patsy's Pizzeria
  78. Extra Human Being‎
  79. Marshall Trimble
  80. Pteropus allenorum
  81. Sad Story of Self Supporting Child
  82. Language and Human Nature
  83. Goodnight, Thank You, You've Been a Lovely AudienceJust a stub but it's there
  84. Market
  85. Isabelle Redford
  86. Anna Dorothea Therbusch, translated from the German Wikipedia.
  87. One A Day, another requested article (stub)
  88. Flame in the Valley
  89. Everything About You
  90. Komrij's patentwekker
  91. The Asylum Seeker (DYK nom)
  92. Louis Ferron
  93. Collofino
  94. Bougainville
  95. De Bezige Bij
  96. The Old Jar Craftsman
  97. Hermansville, Michigan
  98. Steinthal, Wisconsin
  99. When a Woman Breaks Her Jewel Box
  100. Instant Piano
  101. Romeo Brown
  102. Alfred Mazure
  103. Ron Wagner
  104. David Tischman
  105. Sea of Red
  106. Oyster Village
  107. MS-1 (wrestler)
  108. Bridge L-158
  109. The Three-Day Reign
  110. Ramsay Ames
  111. Telepathe
  112. Greg Peach
  113. Luke Fritz
  114. Anarchy in Japansuke
  115. Barack Obama in Hawaii, a non-political article about Hawaii buildings related to the politician.
  116. Julia Tuttle Causeway sex offender colony
  117. Universal Laboratories Building
  118. Mamoru Watanabe
  119. Well Dunn
  120. Los Infernales
  121. Pirata Morgan
  122. Blue Film Woman
  123. Morgan Henry Chrysler
  124. Remy (name)
  125. Steam bending
  126. Matthias Pliessnig
  127. Barbara Feinman Hats
  128. Pauline O'Neill (suffrage leader)
  129. Sachi Hamano
  130. Timeline of the 1996 Atlantic hurricane season
  131. Chilean copyright law
  132. Ministry of Education of Chile
  133. Effects of Hurricane Hazel in Canada
  134. Scott Janke
  135. Harlan Hanson
  136. Magazine cover indicator
  137. Richard Nixon presidential campaign, 1968

Stubs expandedEdit

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Cleanup tags resolvedEdit

Pictures & MediaEdit


Licenses MigratedEdit



  1. Mauritanian presidential election, 2009


  1. Brisingr (GAN)
  2. 2008–09 Calgary Flames season (GAN)
  3. Tropical Storm Hallie (1975) (GAN)
  4. Earwig (GAN)
  5. Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington (GAN)
  6. St. Johns River (GAN)
  7. Radio Bart (GAN)
  8. Central Troy Historic District (GAN)
  9. Well Dunn (GAN)


  1. List of New York Islanders team captains (FLC)
  2. List of districts of Sri Lanka (FLC)


  1. Quark. I just gave it a final proofread and copy-edit during the Dramaout; the article has been essentially ready for FA status for long before.
  2. Silent Alarm. Finalised during Dramaout.

Wikipedia NamespaceEdit

  1. Book Sources

Other workEdit

Copy editingEdit

Major expansionEdit

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Sourcing of articlesEdit

BLP itemsEdit

  1. Wikipedia:Uncategorized biographies of living people/BLPPotential/9


Maps Expanded/CreatedEdit

  1. Template:Wye Valley Railway
  2. Template:CMU&PR map
  3. Template:Ross and Monmouth Railway

Navigational boxesEdit

  1. Template:Lighthouses of Michigan (redesign)
  2. Template:Tetsuji Takechi
  3. Template:Grand Bell Awards Best Picture

Pages De-OrphanedEdit

  1. HAX1
  2. Polish YMCA
  3. Xenbase
  4. A. J. Raebel
  5. Charles Pierre
  6. Iron West
  7. Mike Fitzgerald (author)


  1. Grand Bell Awards: Finished starting articles for all but one of the "Best Films"
  2. Blue Dragon Film Awards: Finished starting articles for the "Best Films"
  3. Adolf Herz - wikify

Infoboxes addedEdit

  1. Fulk IV, Count of Anjou
  2. Korey Banks
  3. Casey Candaele
  4. Air Diver

Minor additions and cleanupEdit

  1. Lammot du Pont
  2. Pierre S. du Pont
  3. University of Delaware
  4. Remy
  5. Thomasina Winslow - update tour dates
  6. Mini saga
  7. Charles Hook Tompkins
  8. Limantepe
  9. Tesla Roadster
  10. C.S. Lewis
  11. J.R.R. Tolkien
  12. Apollo 11
  13. Walter Cronkite
  14. Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette
  15. Xenia, Ohio
  16. Amy Chow
  17. Wyoming
  18. Akureyri
  19. Roundabout
  20. Honey Badger
  21. Paul Ray Smith
  22. Anuradhapura Kingdom

Categories createdEdit

  1. Category:Girls' schools in Iran
  2. Category:Girls' schools in Kenya
  3. Category:Girls' schools in Malaysia
  4. Category:Girls' schools in Pakistan
  5. Category:Hurricane Hazel