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The Wikipedia/Wikimedia Pune meetup is a get-together of wikipedians /wikimedians (contributors and users) to meet up, discuss, share experiences, reach out and advocate for wikipedia and wikimedia. Pre-Meeting discussions can be on the talk page please.

Intended AudienceEdit

Anyone interested in Wikipedia/Wikimedia is welcomed to join, regardless of the language or the project including Past, present or future contributors. Anyone supportive or interested in the Wikimedia movement is invited to join us for a casual meetup over coffee. Please add your name to the concerned list below and join:

Date and VenueEdit

Date: : Saturday, 12-March-2011 6:30 PM IST

Venue:: SICSR, Atur Centre, Model Colony. Room No 704. 7th floor

Getting thereEdit

Map by Pune Linux User Group(PLUG)


The intended purpose of the meetup is:

to set up a long-term plan for a year's worth of activities, with detailed planning for photo outreach activities for Wikimedia Commons.

The detailed planning for each project will be done, one project at a time. The next project for which planning will be done, Marathi Wikipedia, will be discussed in detail in the April 2011 (Pune 12) meetup.



  1. AshLin (talk)
  2. mvkulkarni23
  3. Sudhanwa Jogalekar
  4. Prasad Vaidya
  5. Arnav Sonara
  6. Nikhil Sheth

Interested but not sureEdit

  1. Anagha

May be going out of town =Edit



  1. Vaibhav Jain 14:12, 10 March 2011 (UTC)

Brief ReportEdit

Five Puneri Wikipedians (AshLin, Sudhanwa, Mandar Kulkarni, Rangilo Gujarati and Nikhilsheth) met for the meetup. Since there were few people, we waited for almost 45 minutes during which a master class was conducted on finer points of Wikipedia markup, techniques and issues facing newbies. This was followed by discussions on planned activities. The following were discussed :

  • There is an urgent need for outreach, no matter how fruitless results may seem in the short term, both for editors in English and Marathi wikipedias.
  • The planned activities approach should be replaced by the "How can Wikipedia help you - how can you help Wikipedia" approach.
  • It was felt that only one event be planned to be undertaken in different directions. However, if more was achieved in that field - great. Example - only one GLAM was to be approached this year, but if opportunity, or more important volunteer effort was forthcoming, do more.
  • Work on Wikipedia for Schools Offline Edition should continue despite recent criticism however the concerns of the community need to be taken note of.
  • The monthly meetup must continue, so that the hard core is built up and activities discussed here even if the actual work was done by people in between in their individual capacities and individual interests.

Post-meetup summary/Blogs/NewsEdit


Hashtag: #WPMPN11

Media coverageEdit

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