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WikiProject Highways is on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) at #wikipedia-en-roads, a channel on the Freenode IRC network. Feel free to visit the channel to discuss anything related to roads, whether it be related to WikiProject Highways, subprojects of this WikiProject, or roads in reality. Instructions for setting up a client to get on IRC and basic channel guidelines are posted below.

Getting onlineEdit

To use IRC, you will need an IRC client. See Wikipedia:IRC channels for more information. If you cannot or do not want to install a client onto your computer, you can use Freenode's JavaScript client at, which can be used to connect to any channel on Freenode, including #wikipedia-en-roads; however, installing a full IRC client is recommended.


The main rules and guidelines for all Wikimedia Foundation IRC channels are located at Meta:IRC/Guidelines. All rules and guidelines listed there apply to #wikipedia-en-roads. Specific guidelines for #wikipedia-en-roads are listed below.

  • Public logging (broadly construed) is not permitted. Two exceptions exist:
    • If permission is granted to do so, logging is permitted.
    • Logging is also permitted during scheduled public meetings (which have not happened since 2007). Logs of these meetings will be posted on the subpage listed below.
  • Channel conversations are NOT to be re-posted unless they are:
    • Conversations where all participants have given permission for reposting or
    • Part of an official meeting as detailed above or
    • Illegal activities that must be reported to the legal authorities.
  • Channel flooding, tampering with the chat bot, public logging, and making personal attacks will result in a short-term ban by the channel operators, usually after a warning. Further disruptive activities can result in an indefinite ban.
    • All operators are automatically notified of channel bans, for increased accountability. In turn, all operators remain responsible to the superops and channel contacts, and the latter are responsible to the Wikimedia Group Contacts.
    • Issues with participants or events in the channel should be addressed to operators privately, through email or private message.
    • Operators should consider their neutrality in a situation before acting.
  • Remember that Wiki(p/m)edia policies and guidelines, such as WP:NPOV, do not apply on IRC. From the Meta guidelines linked to above: "Take heed that the IRC channels and their corresponding wikis are, at most, similar communities. Policies on either side do not apply to the other." Continuous or intermittent policy referring in a 5-minute period with the point of disrupting the channel will result in a 24-hour ban by the channel operators.
  • Debates on IRC do not have any bearing on Wikipedia; likewise, decisions made on IRC do not have any bearing on Wikipedia. That is, discussing an issue on IRC is not sufficient consensus to carry out that issue on Wikipedia. All consensus debates must take place on Wikipedia at the appropriate project talk page. IRC should only be used as a platform to determine if an idea is feasible; however, consensus on whether to carry out the idea must be determined at the appropriate project talk page on Wikipedia.

Thank you for understanding.


All users are welcome at any time, regardless of whether or not you are actually in the roads projects. Below is a list of all the regular participants, with their time zone, and approximate times that they are active.

Shifts (all times are in the US)
  • First shift - morning
  • Second shift - afternoon/evening
  • Third shift - overnight
Alternate owner (can modify access lists)
Superop (can modify access lists)
  • none currently

Access lists are typically updated every 3-6 months, or on request. Ops have been regular participants in the channel and have shown good judgment. Voiced users are generally added when the user has demonstrated trust, and have a registered nick. Typically, operators are removed after three months of complete inactivity on the channel, after attempts to contact them have gone unanswered, or after six months of complete inactivity.


Scheduled public meetings, as well as important debates that happened on the channel, were logged to /Logs. Only the most recent log of the meeting/debate will be transcluded onto the page; older logs can be seen by clicking on the section header. However, a meeting has not occurred since 2007.

RC feedEdit

A separate RC feed of all the project pages is at #wikipedia-en-roads-rc. The same public logging rules apply, except for copy-pasting the bot output as it duplicates what is onwiki. The ops list is the same as it is for the main channel.