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This is the assessment department of WikiProject Apple Inc. Its goal is to assess the quality of Wikipedia's Apple Inc. articles. Article ratings are used to help recognize excellent contributions and identifying topics in need of further work, and are also expected to play a role in the Version 1.0 Editorial Team program.

The assessment is done in a distributed fashion through parameters in the {{WikiProject Apple Inc.}} project banner; this causes the articles to be placed in the appropriate sub-categories of Category:Apple Inc. articles by quality and Category:Apple Inc. articles by importance.


Assessment TableEdit

Guidelines to AssessmentEdit

Quality assessmentEdit

An article's quality assessment is generated from the class parameter in the {{WikiProject Apple Inc.}} project banner on its talk page:

{{WikiProject Apple Inc.|class=???}}

The following values may be used for the class parameter to describe the quality of the article (see Wikipedia:Content assessment for assessment criteria):
FA (for featured articles only; adds articles to Category:FA-Class Apple Inc. articles)  FA 
FL (for featured lists only; adds articles to Category:FL-Class Apple Inc. articles)  FL 
A (adds articles to Category:A-Class Apple Inc. articles)  A 
GA (for good articles only; adds articles to Category:GA-Class Apple Inc. articles)  GA 
B (adds articles to Category:B-Class Apple Inc. articles)  B 
C (adds articles to Category:C-Class Apple Inc. articles)  C 
Start (adds articles to Category:Start-Class Apple Inc. articles)  Start 
Stub (adds articles to Category:Stub-Class Apple Inc. articles)  Stub 
List (adds articles to Category:List-Class Apple Inc. articles)  List 
For non-standard grades and non-mainspace content, the following values may be used for the class parameter:
Category (for categories; adds pages to Category:Category-Class Apple Inc. articles)  Category 
Disambig (for disambiguation pages; adds pages to Category:Disambig-Class Apple Inc. articles)  Disambig 
Draft (for drafts; adds pages to Category:Draft-Class Apple Inc. articles)  Draft 
File (for files and timed text; adds pages to Category:File-Class Apple Inc. articles)  File 
Portal (for portal pages; adds pages to Category:Portal-Class Apple Inc. articles)  Portal 
Project (for project pages; adds pages to Category:Project-Class Apple Inc. articles)  Project 
Redirect (for redirect pages; adds pages to Category:Redirect-Class Apple Inc. articles)  Redirect 
Template (for templates and modules; adds pages to Category:Template-Class Apple Inc. articles)  Template 
NA (for any other pages where assessment is unnecessary; adds pages to Category:NA-Class Apple Inc. articles)  NA 
??? (articles for which a valid class has not yet been provided are listed in Category:Unassessed Apple Inc. articles)  ??? 

Quality scaleEdit

Importance assessmentEdit

An article's importance assessment is generated from the importance parameter in the {{WikiProject Apple Inc.}} project banner on its talk page:

{{WikiProject Apple Inc.|importance=???}}

The following values may be used for the importance parameter to describe the relative importance of the article within the project (see Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Priority of topic for assessment criteria):

Top (adds articles to Category:Top-importance Apple Inc. articles)  Top 
High (adds articles to Category:High-importance Apple Inc. articles)  High 
Mid (adds articles to Category:Mid-importance Apple Inc. articles)  Mid 
Low (adds articles to Category:Low-importance Apple Inc. articles)  Low 
NA (adds articles to Category:NA-importance Apple Inc. articles)  NA 
??? (articles for which a valid importance rating has not yet been provided are listed in Category:Unknown-importance Apple Inc. articles)  ??? 

Importance scaleEdit


Backlog Elimination Drive for May 2010

Change in Unassessed Apple Inc. Articles.png

To reduce (or eliminate) our backlog of over 500 unassessed articles, WikiProject Apple Inc. is holding a backlog elimination drive. The drive will end June 10; please make sure you know how to assess. The coordinator for this drive is mono; direct any questions to him. The backlog elimination drive is open to all, and you do not need to be a member of WikiProject Apple Inc. to participate. However, you may want to consider joining, as membership has its benefits.[clarification needed]


Assessment tags are placed on the talk pages of articles to categorize and rate articles. Many (576) articles that are tagged with our template, {{WikiProject Apple Inc.}}, are not rated. We need you to assess all these articles!

  1. Don't create extra work. Participants should not add an unnassessed tag to an article, then assess it for credit.
  2. Log completed assessments in the Running Totals section. If you complete a assessment for an article, don't forget to list it so that you can get credit for the edit.
  3. No rubber-stamping of articles. Be thorough and complete in your assessments, and make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed. If you see any glaring problems with the article you are assessing, fix as many as you can before moving on to the next one.
  4. Have fun!

Assessing an articleEdit

For a guide on how assess an article, see here. Note that GA-class, A-class, and FA-class require a review, so you cannot tag an article as GA-class, A-class, or FA-class, unless it has already been reviewed. Also, remember to assess the importance of the article as well. We will check your assessments to make sure they comply with the standards; if they fail to comply, you will lose the assessment for that article, which would make it up for grabs for another user to assess.


Awards will be given out at the conclusion of the backlog elimination drive. The requirements shown below are subject to change.

Apple with a bite taken out of it.png At least 1 article assessed: An apple with a bite taken out of it.

Modest Barnstar.png At least 15 articles assessed: The Modest Barnstar.

Working Man's Barnstar.png At least 35 articles assessed: The Working Man's Barnstar.

CleanupBarnstar.PNG At least 55 articles assessed: The Cleanup Barnstar.

Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif At least 75 articles assessed: The Tireless Contributor Barnstar.

Surreal Barnstar.png At least 95 articles assessed: The Surreal Barnstar.

Allaroundamazingbarnstar.png At least 115 articles assessed: All Around Amazing Barnstar.

Goldenwiki 2.png The most assessed artices: The Golden Wiki Award, which will be awarded to two users.

And remember, the ultimate winner here is Wikipedia.

Running TotalsEdit


Please log entries in the following format:

{{Div col|cols=3}}
#{{completed}} []
#{{completed}} []
#{{completed}} []
# []
# []
# []
# []
{{Div col end}}
*Total articles: ''3''




<span class="anchor" id="Airplaneman (talk · contribs)">

  1.  Completed old id assessment
  2.  Completed old id assessment
  3.  Completed old id assessment
  4.  Completed old id assessment
  5.  Completed old id assessment
  6.  Completed old id assessment
  • Have decided to stop logging them after assessing about 50 today. Going for 0 unassessed! Airplaneman 01:40, 29 May 2010 (UTC)
  • This link provides you with my latest submission: around 30% should be assessments, 35% should be de-listings (for example, cross-platform apps and video games, in which case I reassessed them to their appropriate WikiProject(s), usually WP:COMP), 15% should be fixes to the articles being assessed, and 20% of the edits should be on other subjects. (Do ctrl+F and search "assess" to find out how many total articles I have assessed - last count: 6+359=365 assessed. As I have removed the WP:APPLE template from many, search "assess for WP:APPLE" see the drive total [submitted below: currently 179+6=185]) I think, after assessing everything, we should run through the C class articles and do B class checklists, as many B class articles were demoted to C class following mono's addition of a B class checklist to the assessment template (which, by the way, I think is great!) Airplaneman 22:03, 30 May 2010 (UTC) Last update: 16:59, 31 May 2010 (UTC) (final submission, category empty)
  • Total articles: 179 Apple Inc., 365 total

<span class="anchor" id="Mono (talk · contribs)">

  1.  Completed [1]
  2.  Completed [2]
  3.  Completed [3]
  4.  Completed [4]
  5.  Completed [5]
  6.  Completed [6]
  7.  Completed [7]
  8.  Completed File talk:Panther logo.png
  9.  Completed [8]
  10.  Completed File talk:Jaguar-logo.png
  11.  Completed [9]
  12.  Completed [10]
  13.  Completed File_talk:MacosxlogoX1.png
  14.  Completed [11]
  15.  Completed [12]
  16.  Completed [13]
  17.  Completed [14]
  • Total articles: 17
~NerdyScienceDude ()Edit

<span class="anchor" id="SuperHamster (talk · contribs)">

  • Total articles approved: 6
- EdoDodo talkEdit


Please visit the talk page to request an assessment.